A Great Bed and Breakfast in Orlando, Florida

The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne
211 N Lucerne Circle
Orlando, Fl 32801
(407) 648-5188

There was a time when vacationing meant staying at hotels or motels, but things have changed quite a lot these days. Some people are looking for more than the impersonal atmosphere they get with staying at hotels. They want the peace and quiet that comes with being at home, but not the work of making beds and cleaning bathrooms.

This is where the bed and breakfast comes in, and one in particular stands out in my mind. That’s “The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne”. This beautiful bed and breakfast is made up of four historic houses, that sit across from Lake Lucerne, in Orlando, Florida. I was only there for a weekend, but it made such an impression on me, that I decided to make this bed and breakfast the place to stay, whenever I go to Orlando.

The first house is the “Dr. Phillips House”. This is the house my friends and I stayed in. It has three floors and is full of beautiful antiques. The decor makes you feel like you’re living in the 19th century. The first floor has the reception, living and dining area. The second floor has two huge bedrooms…named Dr. Phillips and Mrs. Phillips. These are the two bedrooms we had. They are also furnished with antiques…chaise lounge, Queen Ann chairs, night stands and a writing table. The queen size beds are so high, I had to use a step stool to get in mine. They also have private baths with deep whirlpool tubs, separate showers and french doors leading out to tiny balconies. The third floor is the attic and it has two suites that both have king size beds, whirlpool baths and separate marble showers. The house was built in 1893, by Col. Peckham as a wedding gift to his daughter, and at that time it was called the Peckham House. In 1911 Dr. Phillip Phillips purchased the house for his wife Della. In the 1980’s the house was purchased and renovated by the owners of The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne.

The second house is the “I. W. Phillips House”. It has two floors and is also filled with impressive antique oriental rugs, oil paintings, a grand piano, brass chandeliers, a sofa and chairs. The first floor of this Southern-style home is the reception, living, dining and kitchen area. This house is used mainly for wedding receptions and business meetings. It has a huge Southern-style porch with wicker furniture, glass top tables and ceiling fans. This is where we sat for our breakfast of English muffins, boiled eggs, cereal, fruit salad, juice and coffee. There is a lush garden of tropical plants and flowers surrounding this house, that makes it perfect for parties, weddings and special gatherings. There are three bedroom suites on the second floor and one of them is used as a honeymoon suite. Each of the suites have access to the courtyard gardens and fountain. The house was built in 1916 and moved to its’ present location in 1988.

Next is “The Norment Parry Inn”. This is a two-story, Victorian house with six bedrooms. It’s decorated with American and English antiques and artwork. This house was one time used for an alcohol rehabilitation center, but in 1986 it was remodeled into the beautiful bed and breakfast it is today. The house was built in 1883 by Judge Richard B. Norment and is the oldest building at the Courtyard.

If art deco is the style you like, this fourth house is for you. “The Wellborn Suites” has 14 one bedroom suites and a very classy honeymoon suite. The rooms are all decorated in their own style…a Thai room, high-deco, the 50’s, but the furnishings and colors are all from the deco era. This was the first apartment complex built in Orlando after World Was II. It was built in 1945 and named for Wellborn Phillips.

The houses and gardens at “The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne”, www.orlandohistoricinn.com, are lovely, historical homes, and it was a joy to stay there. The only stain on our stay was the exit ramp that is built in front of the bed and breakfast. It interrupts the view of Lake Lucerne. Other than that, this is a lovely place to stay on vacation. Universal is only 12 minutes away and Walt Disney World is only 20 minutes away. It cost anywhere from $89 to $225 a night to stay at The Courtyard. It depends on the house and the room that’s reserved.

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