A Guide to Restuarants in Cleveland Circle in Boston

Located right on the Green Line, Cleveland Circle is a bustling place for Boston College students and residents of the Brighton/Brookline area right outside of Boston. With a few bars, a movie theater, and apartments throwing constant college parties the area is frequently visited by anyone within a few mile radius. Its greatest strength, however, is in the multitude of places to grab food, either for a quick bite or a sit down meal.

With more than a half-dozen choices it may be a little hard to decide where you want to eat. One good thing I can tell you is that there are no places you need to specifically avoid (with the exception of Mary Anne’s Bar), but you will encounter different types of experiences depending on where you decide to go. The purpose of this article is to give you a guide to the food and experiences offered at each eating establishment.

The first thing you’ll notice is that you have your choice of pizza. Located almost right next to each other Presto Pizza and Pino’s Pizza are both solid choices as pizzeria restaurants. Both are priced about the same and provde quality pizza. Pino’s has more specials, however, particularly in terms of ordering slices. Presto has better subs and pasta dishes, on the other hand, so if those are what you’ve got your eye on then that’s the way to go. They both have similar pizzeria atmospheres and can fill up easily when busy, potentially depriving you of a seat. If you are looking for a quick slice of pizza my personal recommendation is to stop by Pino’s Pizza.

If you’re stomach is rumbling and the only way to satisfy it is to stuff it with as much food as you can get your hands on, then the Eagle’s Deli is the place for you. Named the “2nd Best Place to Pig Out in the ” by the Travel Channel, the burgers, sandwiches, and dinners will give you a tremendous amount of food to work with for generally around $6-7. If you really feel like a challenge you can try to tackle one of their famous burgers, including the Reilly Burger. With three pounds of beef, 12 slices of cheese, and five pounds of fries no one has yet been able to finish it. When you order you’ll see them put your food together right in front of you as they speedily try to move the line along. The pictures of people who have completed some of the other various eating contests line every wall in the place, providing a festive and encouraging eating atmosphere. Not recommended for people on diets.

Perhaps you’re in the mood for a Bar & Grille type of place. Well you’re in luck again with two places to choose from. Roggie’s has a wide variety of dinners to choose from, and it provides a festive atmosphere with music and dÃ?©cor. This is the happening place at Cleveland Circle in terms of nightlife, particularly for those 21+. Conversely, Cityside is the place to go for a more relaxing environment, providing a place to have a nice relaxing time with your friends. Their sandwiches are particularly of note, as is their outside seating area on the second floor.

Applebee’s is your destination if you are looking for a more family-oriented sit down restaurant. It has only recently opened up, taking the place of the Ground Round. Located literally right next to the Circle Cinemas movie theater it is also ideal for a dinner-and-a-movie night. As most people are already familiar with Applebee’s menu and atmosphere there is not much more to be said except to arrive early on weekends to cut down on waiting time.

For a little more variety you can also check out The Wrap, which serves a variety of wrapped sandwiches as well as smoothies for those who look for healthier choices. There is also Chef Choy’s House, a good Chinese food restaurant with plenty of meals to choose from.

No matter what you are hungry for, chances are you’ll be able to find it in the Cleveland Circle area. Lacking only a fast food place, you can eat out there every night of the week with great variety and reasonable prices. A hotbed among Boston College students and young professionals, Cleveland Circle is a great place to find some quality chow for anyone in the Boston area.

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