A New Model for Financial Security for Retirement

The purpose of this article is to provide information regarding an alternative means for achieving personal success and financial security in today’s world, where the price of almost all basic consumable goods rises considerably faster than the average income, and to review the unique approach to financial independence found in the e-book, The Quality Life Plan: 7 Steps to Uncommon Financial Security.

Traditional financial planning activity has centered around an “accumulation” model, preparing for future events in life, putting affairs in order to take care of family members down-the-road, and particularly building a retirement nest egg by amassing lots of money. The experts tell us that this is accomplished through a variety of saving and investing activities, as well as company pensions and government programs like social security. But the fundamental factors which once allowed this traditional approach to work for most people have already changed, and are continuing to do so rapidly. Pension plans are quickly going by the wayside, savings rates are still very low, and equity markets have been unpredictable. Some investors have found an approach to carry on with decent annual gains, but in general the success of many typical investments, as experienced in the period from 2000 to 2005, are more doubtful. It is clearly an uncomfortable situation for people in their middle-age and beyond, looking forward to a comfortable retirement, yet unable to save enough for even modest goals to be reached.

This book explains the need to redefine wealth in a new century, and as importantly, to understand how money comes into being, what it is and how it works, before one can know the best ways to achieve true financial security. Written in a personal and relaxed style, this manuscript removes the discomfort from seeing how to put your monetary matters in order. A more enlightening theme in this work is that people shouldn’t feel badly about where they are financially, especially since they have never been taught how the global monetary system has evolved over the past fifty-plus years, and what this means to most families who live paycheck to paycheck.

Initially we are presented with the primary definition of wealth, according to Oxford, how it’s hidden from us, and what it means to truly expand this meaning in our lives. After disclosing the truth about how money operates, as interest-bearing notes, we are shown why the “accepted” means of preparing for the future no longer holds true. This is backed up with a tremendous amount of current evidence, taken from numerous sources, including the head of the Federal Reserve himself. While such a plethora of less-than-rosy data may be a difficult read, the author supports us with assurances of a much better alternative. Also we are gently coached in the process of making ongoing decisions about such matters without letting more commercial or traditional influences get in the way of our success.

The meat of The Quality Life Plan begins from this point forward. We are given new ways of seeing how we spend, along with simple, hands-on methods for getting our expenses organized. These steps take some effort, but it’s an enjoyable challenge in the context of our wealth building. Next we are exposed to novel and complete approaches to earning, tied in directly to the primary definition of wealth in our lives. It is in this central portion of the book wherein a revolutionary viewpoint begins to take hold. For if we truly enjoy the ways that we earn, and are able to build multiple income streams, while fortifying our personal well-being, then “retirement” takes on a completely new meaning.

But it does not end there, by any means. In the final pages we are offered a number of approaches to investing those funds which we’ve acquired above and beyond all of our “real” expenses. Like the other portions of the book, a personal approach is taken, and a meaningful way to invest is explained.

Also the manuscript is kept current, and takes into account the kinds of events, both financial and non-financial, happening in our world today. As an e-book, it offers many ongoing support methods and tools through web-site membership, all provided with its purchase. The author presently works as a professional consultant, and has many years of experience guiding numerous clients in this “180 degree” approach to financial health. Plus its price is quite reasonable, and it can be ordered in hard copy form.

If this appeals to you, feel free to learn more, and download a free e-course at http://www.alifestylerevolution.com

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