A Poem About Bad Luck

I never knew being so imperfect could have its disadvantages,
Last time I checked people were still taking the most advantages,
I’ve come to realize that maybe it’s not me but this place that surrounds me,
I haven’t yet realized however how a *blind man* couldn’t see,
Bad luck seems to follow me wherever I may go,
They told me to not worry, “just go with the flow”.
Life has already taken me past the road I wanted to travel,
Can I still change things? Is this possible to fathom?
It seems the things I want I can never have,
The things I don’t want are always up for grabs,
Certainly I couldn’t have been cursed with such servitude as this,
My mind numbs with the pain of again being one day without this certain blissful happiness,
Changing times they feel nor hear no rhymes,
To just one day feel the feeling everyone else feels would undoubtedly cure me of this cursed loneliness and inner,
Shivering quick, candle on a stick, once too fast no longer quick,
I bid you farewell cursed wretched life, for you I no longer strive,
I’m happy with myself no matter what they may think or say,
It’s me I have to deal with not the immutable force of “they”.
Change me not, this place, this world can no longer do,
I may have changed, but I’m still unchangeable to “you”.

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