A Review of Death, Jr for the PSP

A school field trip sets in motion this misadventure of Death, Jr and his friends. While on a tour of a museum, DJ and his friends decide to sneak away from the pack. Pandora sees a box she really wants to open, so DJ opens it for her but unwillingly releases a great evil. Now it’s up to DJ to set things right again. He’ll have to work to free his friends like Stigmartha and Seep.

The action in Death, Jr for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) takes place in the museum as DJ tries and rescues his friends. You start off with a scythe weapon. You can find ranged weapons in various levels. Widgets are also found in levels of Death, Jr and can be used to upgrade weapons and defenses. One nice feature is that when the going gets rough, DJ can invoke the help of Pandora. Check the Pandora meter to make sure you are able to summon her help.

Death, Jr is an exclusive for the PSP. This third person action adventure is a great addition to the handheld world. Action is made for the smaller screen and the control suits the PSP well.

While Death, Jr is a nice handheld game, it does lack in some areas. There is little voice work, and few cut scenes to further delve into the storyline. If the story doesn’t matter much to you then this really isn’t a bad thing. The characters are lovable and pretty creative. There is even a toy line devoted to Death, Jr and company.

Another downside to Death, Jr is that there really isn’t an order that is clearly spelled out to complete the levels. When one level seems too tough, try another one, and you might run across a useful accessory to help make it through another level. This can be very frustrating at times.

After each level, DJ is given a report card of how well he did in the game. Take time to review this as it will give you valuable information you can use to improve your game. The report card rates how well you played the levels and how well you are doing with combos. You can evaluate from the report card just where you can improve in the levels to do better in the game.

Death, Jr for the PSP fits the handheld nicely. While it may lack in some areas, Death, Jr does deliver a fun, enjoyable adventure that will bring a few hours of gameplay enjoyment.

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