NBA Street Volume 3 Review

EA has been known for it’s high quality gaming. NBA Street is no exception to that note. I am a huge basketball fan, so obviously I would love NBA Street. The fact is NBA Street is a game based around a lot of things. This is not organized basketball, there are fouls, basically there are no rules, so what makes this game so challenging? Well… Knowing enough to get everyone excited is good enough, but gamers won’t have any trouble seeing this game as more challenging than it’s last. NBA Street has always been known for it’s one on one, in your face, ballin’ to the max type gameplay, but this time around, more team work is going to be involved. In previous NBA Street titles, you played as a team, and could float up alley oops, or convert fancy passes, but now in NBA Street Volume 3, the team work is much more modified, and the amount of moves a player can do is more than tripled. Basically what this all means is, the gameplay factor of the game will rule, just like them all, except with a higher power potential.

The two main focuses of this game are the graphics, and it’s gameplay. Making a game like this isn’t easy, because the amount of time it takes for a developer to focus on each move, and visual. This time around the graphics are improved with player faces looking a lot more like the actual players, and the arena\street visuals. In Street though, gamers really don’t want to intense graphics, because this limits the ability to do moves in a way. Graphically improving a game is good for certain things, but when it comes to the gameplay, it can truly screw that up. EA has included a Slam Dunk Contest in this game, and it is very fun. With the upgraded moves, and the ability to jump even higher, makes this version great. EA made the game almost perfect in that department, because the gameplay feels like NBA Street material. Customization was a big add on feature, that has been included in previous versions as well. In Volume 3 it really makes an improvement. You can change basically everything about a player, and upgrade his stats to the max, so you can have the ultimate basketball player. I was playing this game just a little while ago, and I couldn’t stop. I really am addicted to this game, and I think most Sports lovers would be too.

Graphically this game does a lot. EA focused a lot on the graphics, because the older a game gets, the more visually it needs to improve. That is just the basics of the gaming world. But… Not every game needs improved graphics. In fact, sometimes games are destroyed when there graphics are enhanced. NBA Street runs a fast paced, high flying basketball phenomenon, and with the graphics the way they were in previous versions, this could possibly be the best NBA Street, or NBA game period for that matter. EA did improve the graphics for Volume 3, so wait… Don’t get all antsy yet, this actually made a good difference. While focusing on the gameplay is EA’s main concept for NBA Street, the graphics improving made the game feel more like a regular basketball game, just in a street manner. The depth of play doesn’t decrease because of the graphics improvement, and the amount of time they spend creating the moves actually benefits from the graphics improvement. Another added big feature in Volume 3 is the cut scenes they use. EA has used this in the past, but the improvement visually makes this look even nicer. Overall I would have to say the graphics and gameplay rule out everything else in this game once again.

In a basketball game, multiplayer means a big part. NBA Street continues to astonish gamers with there multiplayer talent, along with there replay value. Most Sports genre games create a high replay value, because of there ability to revamp the replay value each time. NBA Street never gets old. In fact it just gets better each time, so what makes NBA Street Volume 3 a huge hit? Well it’s combination of graphics and gameplay make it amazing, but with it’s improved multiplayer feature, makes this game probably in the top 10 Sports games for a console. With the combination of different moves, multiplayer fans will love the way they get in your face… Literally.

Gamers will love the improvements made by EA, and if basketball is your game, or you’re just really into it by watching it, than this game is for you. I would have to give this a 9 out of 10.

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