Aaliyah : In Loving Memory of a Truly Talented Young Woman

Many still remember singer, songwriter, actress Aaliyah who tragically on August 25, 2001 lost her life in The Abaco island’s of the Bahamas. Not only did Aaliyah die but seven other people lost their lives on that day as well. The reason behind the plane crash was apparently because the plane was too heavy. You can read more about it at her website. Every year her family does something special to remember her and they always invite fans to join them. They still have an official Aaliyah website that you can visit to remember the star at www.aaliyah.com. I am grateful that her family has chosen to continue to keep her memory alive by use of this website. All of the money that is donated on this site goes directly to Aaliyah’s favorite charities. If you google the name Aaliyah you are sure to find plenty of additional articles and information on this singer. This article will highlight the wonderful number one songs that she released prior to her untimely passing.

As everyone knows Aaliyah started singing at a very young age. She began her career with her first hit “Age Ain’t Nothing but a number” shortly after that came a few more songs; “Back and Forth”, “At Your Best (You are Love”), “If your girl only knew”,”Miss You”, “One I gave my heart To”, . Although these songs were not hits for long she very quickly worked on climbing her way to the top. Another hit song that she did was called “Journey to the Past” which was a song she sang for the movie Anastasia. Another movie that she did a song for was the comedy called Dr. Doolittle. The song was called “Are you that Sonmebody”. This song quickly climbed the charts, and critics began to stand up and take notice.

In order to continue her film career Aaliyah choose to make her screen debut with the movie Romeo must Die. The movie itself got excellent reviews and Aalyiah’s single on the soundtrack, “Try Again” soared to the top of the charts. Even the video was a hit for this one. She teamed up with Missy Elliot, and Timberland on numerous occasions, they supplied the beats and in some cases the lyrics and she did the rest. Whenever they got together to make some music the one thing that everyone knew was that it was going to be a hit. Another hit song that was unfortunately her last hit was “Rock the Boat”. This is the song that she was shooting the video for in the Bahamas, before the tragic accident. This particular video and song will always hold a special place in the heart of her true fans, and those who cared for her.

This young woman had so much potential and so much ahead of her it is really sad to see that her life was tragically cut short. If you were not a fan of Aaliyah then you should take the time to listen to some of the songs that are indicated above. Then you will see how talented she was and why so many people loved her. One thing that she had plenty of was family support. Always by her side was her mother and brother and all of those who she knew to be her true friends. Not only was she a very talented singer, but her acting career had just begun. Although she only was able to do two movies, I am sure that if she had the opportunity there would have been much more. But as one of her fans I am glad that we still have the privilege of listing to the wonderful songs she gave to the world.

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