Acme How-To Online Repair Guides: Fix Home Appliances and More on Your Own

Acme How-To is an online resource with detailed repair guides. The guides are on appliance repair, plumbing, home theater systems, electrical repair, personal computer repair, pest control and lawn care. The repair guides are all easy to understand. They seem to be written for an average person, not a repair technician.

The appliance repair guides cover washer, dryer, dishwasher, freezer, refrigerator, ice maker, oven, range, microwave, trash compactor and garbage disposer repair. Each repair guide has an overview explaining how the appliance operates, troubleshooting problems, tip and advice and how to find replacement parts. Much information in the repair guides is not widely available but helpful to know. They even have a step-by-step guide on how to open the cabinet of a washer or dryer.

The plumbing repair guide section covers water heaters, household appliances, toilets and faucets. This is like a mini crash course in household plumbing and will teach you how it all works. The repair guides also show how to prevent pipes from freezing, unclog drains and toilets, how to solder, how to use Teflon tape and what to do in an emergency.

The Home Theater repair guides offer advice on equipment selection, home theater terminology and how to set it all up. The cost of having someone come out to your home to set up a home theater system is kind of expensive. It looks like Acme how to has a forum as well if you have any questions above and beyond the repair guides.

The home electrical repair guides will give you all the basics of understanding how the electrical works in your home. This guide also includes the National Electric Code to make sure that the electrical is in compliance. This repair guide will show you the proper way to reset the breaker, test for ground and information on outlets and switches.

The personal computer repair guides would be a good read for anyone that owns a computer. They cover both hardware and software issues and even have one guide that covers basic website design. In hardware section they explain how your personal computer works, the different parts, how to diagnose problems and when it is time to upgrade. In the software section they will show you how to set up a network, share printers and select the correct operating system for your needs.

Garden guides will show you how to have a healthy lawn and garden. It covers how to mulch, how much to water, and even oddball topics like how to get rid of skunk odor. The insect guides will show you how to get rid of ants, fleas, roaches, termites and snails. It also offers humane advice on how to keep away rats, mice, raccoon and deer. Great website for anyone that would like to learn how to be more self-sufficient and handy around the home.

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