Moving Home

To stand still is to lose, To move is to gain, To change is to grow.

Are you moving from your present location? It can break your heart to leave old friendly ties, the garden you had lovingly grown and the tension gathered by packing, moving and resettling once again. But life goes on and change can be taken positively if you organize the entire packing and moving process into something memorable. We offer you excellent and easy to use tips which will ensure your luggage remains intact as well making the entire process a cake walk for you and your family.

Make a diary: It’s always advisable to make a diary in which you can make entries of each box, carton or suitcase you pack. Number each page according to the boxes and list in each page all the contents of the box so when you do unpack, finding the things can be easy for you. Even the smallest items one should not miss as often they are most difficult to find during the unpacking process.

Handle with care: Packing costly items like crockery, crystal, porcelain items, valuables etc need to be packed and handled with utmost care. It’s advisable to pack them in old cloth pieces, newspapers, straw etc to give them ample padding so they do not crack or break during transition from one cargo to another.

Anti bug intoxicants: If you are packing away your clothes to use them in another season, its imperative you use anti bug medicines like naphthalene balls etc to avoid insects like silver fish etc from penetrating and destroying your costly garments. Wrapping up your expensive attire in plastic bags would give them a long life in the long run.

Locks and keys: An easier way to keep your luggage intact and organized is to number the locks and keys according to the numbers of the boxes. This way it is easier to look for the keys of the locks which are sealed onto the numbered boxes.

Last but not the least, move with a appositive attitude. Leave the past home with good memories and make a fresh start. Every place can be an adventure, we just have to seek it.

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