Acting Schools in Los Angeles

Acting schools or workshops in Los Angeles are about as common as McDonalds. Los Angeles is full of aspiring actors and of acting schools to meet their needs or, in some cases, just take their money. Schools and workshops vary greatly in quality so it is a good idea to check them out by asking other actors about them. Remember, even Jack from “Will and Grace” taught acting. But Los Angeles is full of dedicated people running acting schools. The following is a sampling.

1336 North La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca. 90028
800 222 2867

The academy is an accredited acting school that has been operating for over 100 years. It started out in New York but some of its branches are at Harvard and Princeton and even Disney World. It is the first drama school in the English speaking world. Among its graduates are winners of 22 Oscars, 205 Emmys, and 58 Tonys.

Students must have a high school diploma or a GED. They also must audition. This gets the student into the first year. The second year is by invitation only. If students also take some academic courses, they can graduate with an AA degree.

The school will assist with financial aid.

Universal Studios
Gate 4
Barham Blvd.
Lakeside Plaza
Los Angeles, Ca
818 733 2600

This school has open enrollment but workshops are very intensive and only very serious students should enroll. Students have the advantage of working on the back lots and sound stages of Universal Studios and thus gain the real life experience of working in film or television.
A student can attend for one week or up to one year. An eight-week course will cost $4000, for example. The school does not offer financial aid and tuition must be paid in advance of classes.

3191 Casitas Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca 90030
323 556 1636

The Atwater Playhouse school is dedicated to teaching the Stanislavski school of method acting. It has a brand new 45-seat theater that can be used by students. It has three workshops:

Exploring the Method ($300)
This is an eight-week introduction to the method school of acting. Students are guaranteed on stage work every class.

Advanced Study ($350)
Upon completion of ten weeks of advanced study, the student will be eligible for the theater’s weekly workshop and Playhouse productions.

Workshop ($300)
This ongoing ten-week class is filled with actors from the Atwater Playhouse Company. This is the final step in getting the certificate training in the Stanislavski method. Students are also encouraged to submit original material.�¯�¿�½

Break a leg.

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