Acupuncture works by stimulating the body’s own healing abilities. The fine hair-thin needles do not inject anything into the body. Instead, the healing chemistry of the body is augmented, directed, and generally made more competent to manage health problems. Acupuncture is safe because it relies on the androgenous (an-drog-ge-nes) body chemistry. As a result, the side effects that one commonly encounters when taking drugs are not produced. Modern medical research is only beginning to unravel the biochemical pathways which acupuncture employs.

Enough practical experience and knowledge of acupuncture’s benefits has accumulated, however, that now several leading medical centers routinely offer it, particularly in the treatment of chronic pain. The Mayo Clinic has had an acupuncture service since 1975, and the World Health Organization of the United Nations currently lists 47 different illnesses that may be effectively treated with acupuncture. Although part of a system of traditional health care for body and mind which dates back three thousand years, acupuncture today is at the forefront of modern medical research and practice. Some treatable conditions include: migraines (my-grains), asthma (as-ma), bursitis (burr-sitis), tendonitis (tendin-itis), menstrual pain, weight loss, trigeminal (tri-jem-e-n-l) neuralgia (noo-ral-ja), stroke rehabilitation, back pain/sciatica (si-at-I-ka), stress-related illness, duodenal (doo-e-de-nal) ulcers, arthritic pain, sports injuries.

What Does Acupuncture Do

Just a tune-up keeps an automobile in good running order. Acupuncture can maintain health and prevent illness and disability. These were the goals of ancient Oriental medicine. Physicians of the Court were paid only as long as their patient stayed well. To this end, they advised their patients not only on proper nutrition and adequate exercise, but also on the importance of their mental attitudes. Depression, a lack of one’s usual level of energy – not sick, but definitely not up to par, if allowed to persist, can often result in actual illness. When pre-clinical symptoms are properly treated, the onset of illness can be avoided. Aging, physical deterioration and eventual death are inevitable, following the laws of nature. It is possible, however, to prevent early and unnecessary deterioration.

How Does Acupuncture Work

Chinese medical theory holds that a vital life energy circulates through the human body by way of channels called meridians. When this flow of energy is smooth and unobstructed, good health is the result. However, if for any reason, this flow is blocked. Then ailments and disease occur. The function of acupuncture is to restore balance in the body so the vital life energy can flow.

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