Adjust What You Eat to Cope With Menopause

Going into menopause is an inevitable hurdle that all women must pass. Even though women may not need to worry about the monthly cycle, it is the transitional years that usually give the most problems. However, if the women are healthy they need not experience the pains of this transition. Depression, nervousness, headaches, leg cramps, varicose veins and irritability are the common symptoms besides the well-known hot flashes that occurs.

It is never too late to take good care of yourself to prevent the menopausal flare-ups from ever occurring or getting out of control. One of the best way of doing so is incorporating the prevention in your lifestyle. What better way to start than in your eating habits that you must do to survive every day? If you are a mung bean eater then you are on your way to prevention. These beans and their sprouts are cleansing and cooling to the body. They help remove the body of its toxins and help keep the body temperature down. Remember to soak the beans overnight or until they puff up and discard the soaked water. This process is to remove the phytic acid that is present in the beans. This acid can prevent calcium absorption in your body and may not be good if you are lacking in calcium minerals.

Other foods that help your body restore itself during this hard time of menopause are wheat germ, seaweed, black bean, barley, kidney bean, sesame seed, and millet. When buying these foods at the grocery store, do your best to get the greatest quality. It is the high vitamin and mineral content in these products that will aid you in restoration. Usually the products labeled “organic” are of good quality. However, do read the ingredient labels of these products. Even products labeled “organic” are not entirely “organic”. For example, a carton of “organic milk” may still have added calcium, vitamin D, and other chemicals unknown to the common consumer. It is quite misleading, therefore train yourself to look and ask if a produce or product is organically grown or made. Your efforts are for your benefit.

Getting adequate vitamin E and calcium is important in soothing out menopausal symptoms. Vitamin E is necessary because it causes the body to create estrogen that is low in menopausal women. In the early part of menopause, calcium absorption in the body is limited. Sunshine, that provides vitamin D, and magnesium assist in the absorption and synthesizing of calcium. Magnesium can be found in green vegetables, beans, and whole grains.

Royal jelly is another food product that is helpful in menopausal troubles. Royal jelly is what the queen and young bees eat. It has been found to improve the regulation of hormones in women as well as the reproductive systems of both genders.

Once your body is active in accepting high quality foods as part of its assimilation, you can look further in yourself to find if other habits are preventing your progress towards optimal health. Do you smoke? Are you around smokers? Do you drink too much alcohol for your body to function properly? Are you in a stressful environment every single day of your life? All these factors slow down if not prohibit your smooth transition into menopause. In the end, you must decide how well you want to live your life.

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