Adjustable Homedics Massager, Shiatsu: A Product Review

The adjustable Homedics Massager, Shiatsu style, is a brilliant device that simulates the kneading hands of a professional massage therapist. Designed to strap onto the back of any chair, the Adjustable Homedics Massager Shiatsu can fit onto the head of any chair so that you can have an effortless massage and even, if you wish, do something else with your hands in the meantime. For instance, Drive. If you think you can manage to operate a vehicle while your neck is put through great moments of ecstacy, this is a great way to go.

Another great way to use the Adjustable Homedics Massager Shiatsu is to lay it on your bed or another flat surface and rest your neck on its grip, getting a nice massage laying down.

And the Adjustable Homedics Massager Shiatsu doesn’t just stop at the neck. IF you wish to massage the muscles and relax the tissue in your legs or your arms, the Adjustable Homedics Massager Shiatsu is great for you too. The kneading rollers are adjustable to fit almost anyone’s arm, let or neck. In the spirit of a true massage therapist, the Adjustable Homedics Massager Shiatsu allows for a relaxation of other body parts besides the more obvious ones , like the neck or feet.

I acquired my Adjustable Homedics Massager Shiatsu from my parents one year for a Christmas present. I secretly think they wanted me to simply distress, perhaps for their own peace of mind, but I had always wanted one so that was a good excuse. I saw people pass out practically in delight in Sharper Image and Bro9okstone while trying the one on display sand I wanted to always try them out too but didn’t want other people’s neck sweat getting all over me. So I subtly mentioned the desire for one at a certain Christmas time and three Christmases later, I finally got my wish.

So I finally got one and it is in fact all it’s cracked up to be. After laying in it for just five minutes you get up and feel like you could just melt into the ground right where you stand. It is lovely.

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