Advantage Flea Prevention Medication Has a Leg Up

When it comes to administering flea prevention medication to your pet, the key is consistency. Many people think flea repellant only needs to be applied during the hot weather summer months, when parasites are most active. But that is only one quarter of an annual responsibility. If you treat your pet year round for fleas, you will see better results. One of the most effective monthly preventatives available over-the-counter without a veterinarian’s prescription is the brand known as Advantage.

Advantage is clear liquid that comes in a small single dose tube holding only 8/10 of a milliliter of the stuff. With such a modest dosage, you know that it must be powerful. It is manufactured in Germany by Bayer, the same company that makes the famous aspirin. These few drops are administered just once a month to your pet. With consistent use, you really do see a dramatic decrease in itching, scratching, fleas and flea eggs.

The key is to apply Advantage to an area on your pet where it can’t be licked off. The best place is between the ears, high up on the neck. If your pet wears a collar, use that as a guideline and apply the liquid just above the collar. There is no need to remove your pet’s collar when applying the dosage. Squirt the contents of the tube down near your pet’s skin, not on top of the fur.

Advantage has no aroma discernable by most humans. But your pet can detect it. There may be an initial reaction consistent with encountering an unpleasant scent, but your pet will soon forget and forgive. Just make sure you are holding your pet securely when applying the drops. Otherwise, he may bolt and you end up getting more of the stuff on the floor or ground than on your pet’s coat.

You don’t want to waste it. At about $10 a tube, it is precious. It is sold in packages of 4, 6 and 12 tubes. Cost is one of the harsh realities of flea prevention medication. Here is a hint: veterinarians usually sell parasite medications at a slightly higher price than online and mail order services. Check out reputable alternative sources. Advantage advertises a great deal on television and that probably accounts for a large percentage of its cost. This is a competitive field of pet supplies and the manufacturers try to stand out from one another.

The nearest competitor to Advantage is the Frontline brand. Frontline can be slightly more expensive, but it is a waterproof formula that is better suited for animals that get into the water. If you are caring for cats, they will be the first to tell you that diving into water is not an issue.

One other factor to be aware of with Advantage is that it is not designed to present ticks. This may be a consideration, depending upon your geographic location. A suggestion is to put a tick collar on your pet. It is okay to use a collar in combination with Advantage. The key is to remember to maintain monthly doses and keep your pets healthy, especially during the summer when they need it most.

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