Advantages of Paintball Air Systems with Nitrogen

Paintball air systems give your gun the ability to fire shots. There are basically two types of systems, one uses carbon dioxide and the other uses nitrogen. The systems that use nitrogen, or compressed air, have numerous advantages over those that use carbon dioxide. Some of them include consistency, cleanliness, and damage. This article will discuss the advantages of paintball air systems that use nitrogen.


One of the first advantages of paintball air systems that use nitrogen is consistency. Carbon dioxide is unstable and changes between liquid and gas forms depending on the temperature. This will not allow you to shoot with consistent speed and accuracy. Paintball air systems that utilize nitrogen is always in the gas form, so it will produce consistent speed and accuracy.


You also can’t use paintball air systems that use carbon dioxide during the winter. Your marker relies on the liquid carbon dioxide turning into gas, but it won’t convert into gas when temperatures are below a certain level. Therefore, you can’t use systems that rely on carbon dioxide while the weather is cold. Paintball air systems that use nitrogen aren’t affected by low temperatures.


Nitrogen is also cleaner than carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a dirty gas, and can leave dirt inside your gun that will ruin the seals. Paintball air systems with nitrogen is cleaner, so your internal seals will last much longer. In addition to being cleaner, these nitrogen-based systems also won’t cause freeze damage to your gun.


Carbon dioxide in paintball air systems doesn’t only damage internal seals by leaving dirt inside your gun. If the carbon dioxide doesn’t turn from liquid to gas fast enough when you fire, your gun may suck up the liquid. This will cause your gun to stop working for a little while. The seals may also become swollen because of the cold liquid and they could become damaged.

These are some of the advantages of paintball air systems that use nitrogen. The biggest benefit of these systems is that they allow you to shoot with speed and accuracy consistently unlike carbon dioxide systems. Also, you can use these paintball air systems during the winter because nitrogen gas isn’t affected by the outside temperature. If you are trying to decide between these two systems, then you should keep these advantages in mind. There is a reason the professionals use paintball air systems with nitrogen.

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