Advantage’s of Renting Your Home

What are the advantages of renting your home instead of owning your home?

Well some of the advantages are you are not the one who has to pay to have things fixed as a general rule.

Things like septic tanks, or floors or roofs or any number of things. If you have a landlord that does not like to make repairs though you may find it hard to get things fixed in a timely matter, but then again you can always move.

Depending on where you are renting and what you are renting you may not even have to keep up with your lawn maintenance therefore giving yourself more free time to do other things.

You are also not responsible to pay taxes on the property, something you do have to do if you own your property.

While homeownership has many positives and many people desire to own their own home, not owning your home can also make your life less stressful.

Less stressful because you are not responsible for the many things that a homeowner is responsible for. Such things as taxes and repairs, making sure that zoning laws are not being broke by things you are using your property for.

A person who is renting only needs to make sure that the rent is paid on time, and that they keep the dwelling reasonably clean, also that they tell the landlord about anything that needs to be repaired in a timely matter.

While a person who is renting a home may have rules they need to abide by for the most part these rules are for the tenants benefit and will make living in a rental place more pleasant.

Some things that can be a disadvantage of renting a home is that the landlord can have a clause in the contract that says they can come into inspect the property at different times, which mean if you have not been used to keeping your previous home clean and neat, could cause you some difficulties. Another good reason to learn to keep things clean, neat and orderly before leaving home, see your parents were really looking out for you all those times they told you to clean your room or gave you chores.

While you may not want to rent your home all of your life, renting your first home or so can help you to be responsible in the way that you care for your future home.

Also by renting a home in a town or neighborhood that you like, you can find out whether or not this place is as nice as you thought it was, without the long term commitment of buying a home.

While buying a home is a great idea, it is also a great idea to actually like the area you buy your home in, like your neighbors and the community.

Your first home purchase will be a lot less pleasant if you find that you do not like your neighbors or the community as well as you first thought.

Renting a home in the area that you think you would like to live seems to me to be a better choice because then you have the opportunity to find out if you do really like the area that you are planning to purchase a home in.

Even if you only rent something on a short term bases that can be enough time to find out whether or not you like the area.

There are more advantages to renting your home than first meets the eye in my opinion.

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