Advil’s Allergy and Sinus

Persons who suffer from seasonal allergies tend to have recurrent flare-ups during the fall and spring months. Each attack varies. In some cases, sufferers do not seek relief with medications. On the other hand, if allergy symptoms begin to interfere with daily activities, a prescription strength or over-the-counter allergy medication can quickly ease discomfort.

Because allergies are common, few people visit their physician for treatment. Instead, they visit their local pharmacy and select one of many over-the-counter brands. If suffering from new allergies, you may be uncertain of which brands are proven effective. In this case, consulting with the on-site pharmacist may offer future insight.

If choosing an over-the-counter medication to treat allergy symptoms, I strongly recommend Advil medicine for allergy and sinus problems. Although I am not a chronic allergy suffer, I do experience occasional flare-ups, which tend to last for several days. Symptoms generally consist of scratchy throat, runny nose, eye irritation, and sensitivity to smells. I am not the type of person who runs to the doctor for every little discomfort; therefore I try and treat most ailments at home, and seek medical advice if symptoms do not improve.

I was introduced to Advil’s Allergy and Sinus about a month ago. After experiencing allergy eyes for several days, I begin to experiment with various treatments such as artificial tears, allergy eye drops, and Visine. Although the products offered some relief, I was not impressed by the results. On another trip to the pharmacy, I decided to experiment with medication.

Because of varying symptoms, I was unsure as to whether allergy or sinus pressure was causing the eye irritation. Hence, I opted for a medication that provided relief for both symptoms. Initially, I was a little hesitant to purchase the Advil because the label said it provided relief for “itchy and watery eyes.” My eyes were dry and burning. Nonetheless, I purchased the medication, and received wonderful results. Within one hour of my first dosage, the irritation stopped. Moreover, the relief lasts for about six to twelve hours.

I usually need a dose after spending many hours outdoors, or when the windows and screen door is open. To alleviate future irritation, I take a caplet before enjoying outdoor activities. Advil side effects are minimal; thus the medication did not cause marked drowsiness, unlike Advil PM. I can take it freely without feeling sluggish or falling asleep. If I could change one thing about the product, I would have the label read, “provides relief for all eye irritations caused by allergies or sinus pressure.”

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