Costume Contacts-Are They Affordable and Safe?

Costume contacts are not exclusive to movie costume designers any longer. Even you can look like an alien monster, zombie, cat person etc. from your favorite movies. A contact lenses accessory, many people think of purchasing costume contacts only to match their Halloween costumes, however you can now wear them for regular parties and to the clubs too.
There are many costume lenses out in the market; the most popular brands are Crazy lenses by Cooper Vision, and Wild eyes, by Cibavision. Both crazy lenses and wild eyes offer bright, colorful, and weird with exciting designs. Their lenses are also comfortable and affordable. The buyer should be advised that some of the lenses use a toxic paint that can cause eye irritation. It is always best to go with costume lenses that are made from a reputable major contact lenses manufactures. For a particularly magnificent effect, you can get the scleral contacts. Unlike ordinary colored lenses, scleral covers the iris and the entire visible part of your eye. They create a great effect. The only problem is the scleral contacts more eleborate and expensive.

Here are some answers to questions you might be asking yourself if you are contemplating buying costume lenses:

Will I need a prescription for costume lenses?
You should consult your optometric to fit costume lenses, even if you have perfect vision.

Can I see wearing costume lenses?
Yes. Even if the lenses are opaque, its center is clear for you too see. The exceptions are the white- out contacts, in which the entire lens is opaque, and gives the total effect of being blind. You should only wear one white- out in one eye only.

Are costume lenses safe?
There are many FDA warnings about the dangers of costume lenses, however the lenses themselves are not to blame. Some people wear their costume lenses for several days straight, share their lenses with friends or put them on without washing their hands. The truth is to take proper care of them. Do not share your pair of costume lenses with anyone, or wear them for a long length of time. It is not advised to buy costumes contacts sold in costumes stores and flea markets. A few hours are the proper amount of time to wear your costume lenses. They are as safe as any contact lenses you buy.

How do I care for my costume lenses?
Novelty lenses accessories do not require much care, you treat them the same way you would care for a regular pair of contact lenses. All you need is eye solution and a contact lens case, you can find in any pharmacy. Rinse out the lenses in the solution before you insert them in the eyes. Don’t forget to wash your hands. Soak the lenses in solution inside your contact lenses case when you are not using them. It is also recommended to change the solution at lease once a week, if you don’t intend to use them for long periods of times. So, go ahead and safely be the alien creature you always wanted to be any night you want.

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