Affordable and Easy Ways to Make a Home Green

The smallest changes in a home can lower energy bills and reduce a person’s carbon footprint. This is a chance to save money and do one’s part to better the world. These changes do not have to be expensive or time-consuming. The following are some affordable ways to make a home green.

Change the Light Bulbs

Simply changing a home’s light bulbs can end up saving a home owner hundreds of dollars in the long run. Many such options use 20% less energy than traditional or standard bulbs. The best part is that there are energy-friendly bulbs of all types and wattages. Thus, one can replace not just the desk lamps but all of the light bulbs.

Foam Insulation

Often, the insulation in a home is old or not 100% effective. This means that heat leaves the home because there isn’t a buffer between the walls and cold weather. Investing in foam insulation ensures that a home is properly heated without having to pay high energy or gas bills. The best part is that foam insulation can be easily inserted into walls by drilling small holes. Thus, there is not construction needed to update or improve a home’s insulation.

Be Mindful of the Curtains

During the winter, it is wise to keep curtains open during the day to allow sunlight to enter and warm the home. At night, it is wise to close the curtains. Thicker materials are smart for colder months to truly shield rooms from cold drafts.

Update Door and Window Frames

Over time, wear and tear may cause small holes or gaps between door and window frames. This means that heat could escape, a thermostat may need to be turned up and that energy bills will increase. Small repairs to close such gaps ensure that a home is protected and does not waste energy.

The smallest decisions can have a huge impact on utility bills. Going green is a great way to do one’s part to save the environment and live a conscious life. All people need to do is pay attention to how energy is used.

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