Alice Peacock-Who I Am

Artist: Alice Peacock
Title: Who I Am
Genre: Pop-Rock

Alice Peacock sings about herself on a self-explanatory titled album Who I Am. There are deep personal messages in all of these tracks and Alice has a beautifully expressive voice that brings all of her lyrics home to the heart. This woman gets in a groove that carries her right until the last note, giving you an incredibly appealing and enjoyable performance.

This is an album jam-packed with enticing acoustic pop rock, the kind of airy and light music you would listen to on a warm summer day underneath your favorite tree while looking at the clouds take shape in the sky, while imagining what they look like. Do not think that the lyrics are not solid however because the music is laid back. This lady sings about her life, well everyone’s life really. The simply titled “Love” is a fine example of Alice’s soft touch but realistic and straight up approach. She has a way of easing you into a song then making you face the truth, so don’t think for a minute that this is just fluff because it is not. That is one example of many that fill this great CD.

Alice Peacock is a top-notch artist and as good as any of the female vocalist that are cashing in right now just because they have one thing going for them, they look good. Well this lady is beautiful from the inside out; she is the whole package, a talented vocalist singing about her life with purpose and conviction, and all backed with some fine music. Now that covers the entire musical gamut for this listener.

July 5, 2006

01. Different From The Rest (3:33)
02. Baby Come Back (4:21)
03. Here I Go Again (4:28)
04. Time (3:54)
05. Taught Me Well (4:26)
06. Anyone But Me (5:00)
07. Runaway Day (4:09)
08. Love (5:09)
09. Only A Memory (4:21)
10. I’m Still Here (3:18)
11. Sunflower (3:34)
12. Finding My Way (3:21)
13. Who I Am (5:40)
14. If You Could Only See Your Eyes (3:00)

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