’s Grand Finale Concert was a Night to Remember

First of all shout out to the men in the above pic, the two men on the side are the co-owners of The middle man is DJ Kool Herc, would help started rap. Without them this night would not have been possible. I’ve been to many concerts, from all the big name artist, but I must say this is one of the best events I was able to attend.

I got over to the venue at five, since doors open at seven. Unfortunately, as with most concerts, everything was running late and the show started around 8:30p.m. The show started with the usual songs being played by the Dj and the host coming out and doing the usual whose in the house routine.

Then it is was time for the first act, Mr.Grillz aka Paul Wall. He came out doing Drive Slow, with his grillz of course shining. He went through one of his songs and did mainly cameos. To my recollection he performed Sittin Sideways and his verses from Holla at Me Baby, Still Tippin and Grillz and Drive Slow. Then Jae Millz came out and did some songs while Paul was still on stage.

Ok so now the show was finally underway, Paul Wall put up a good performance to get the crowd going. It was time for the next artist which happened to be the Queen of the Bronx, Remy Martin. In an unexpected move she came out dancing instead of rapping. Dancing to Push it, Chicken Noodle Soup and Dutty Wine among other songs(I got the video). Remy Martin made sure to show of her assets bending over and wiggling on various occasions(not like I was complaining). Remy went through her popular songs such as Let me take you home, Whatever and Conceited.

She also did a freestyle dedicated to haters and performed her version of the song Hustlin, entitled Everyday I’m…(I’ll keep it PG). Remy showed a lot of energy in her performance and had the crowd with her the whole way through. Females in the crowd especially appreciated her raunchy lyrics, singing a lot of them along with her. Remy Martin definitely delivered and earned her paycheck.

After Remy’s energetic portion of the show, the next rapper was Joe Buddens. He came out doing his old hit Focus. Went on to do pump it up and some other songs. Then when he got to his last song, Dumb Out, He got really into it saying this was real hip hop. He went into the pit right in front of the crowd and was right in front of me, he showed a lot of emotion during the performance, which is key to anyone putting on a good concert. Overall I will say Buddens did a good job at the concert.

The next artist up was the self proclaimed savior of New York Hip Hop, Papoose. I feel Papoose delivered the best performance of the night and may have gained some fans. He came out with his crew rolling deep. Papoose came out and did a song and then did his famous alphabet song, I have it recorded in its entirety.

Then Papoose shocks the crowd and brings out Chamillionaire and they do the New York remix to riding dirty with Jae Millz. The crowd was going nuts and then Papoose pulls another surprise and brings out Busta and they do the Touch it remix. Needless to say everyone in the crowd was in a frenzy. DJ Kay Slay was also on stage along with a huge trophy Papoose won from the mixtape awards.

Busta calmed things down later on to say how Chamillionaire came from all the way from the south to show support an that’s what New York needs, to be supportive of each other. On a sidenote Busta and Chamillionaire chains are rediculous.

Next up was the much anticipated Juelz Santana who did not let his fans down. Juelz had the crowd jumping from as soon as he was visible on stage. He came along with a lil sidekick that seemed to know most of the words to all his songs. His nephew had the swagger of an experienced hypeman.

Jim Jones made a surprise appearance during Get Crunk Muzik that had everyone getting crunk. They went through the dip set songs Like Santana’s town and Dipset Anthem, these songs are guaranteed to get any crowd going. The Dip Set performance was definitely appreciated and was one of the high points of the show.

Then it was time for the main act Lloyd Banks. Took a long time to get their portion of the show started because the stage had to be completely evacuated. After a long delay G-Unit made its appearance on stage with huge bodyguards and numerous associates of the rappers. Llyod Banks gave an energetic performance, and made sure the crowd was into it.

At one point he said put your hands up and called out someone who had his hands down. Banks went through a few of his songs and then brought on Tony Yayo, who had the audience jumping when he performed So Seductive and Pimpin. Lloyd Banks went on to do some songs then asked who is making money.

Of course everyone raised their hands(if you broke you keep it to yourself), he then asked who needs some money. He then went to a bag with stacks of money(1s and 5s) and started throwing them it into the crowd while performing cake. I managed to wrestle away 17 dollars, Thanks G-unit, I can’t say you guys never did anything for me.

Girls we’re getting viscous for the money and the towels and shirts being thrown in the crowd.(what’s new) Lloyd Banks took things to another level by then going into the crowd and performing, and to finish off the show he actually walked through the crowd. Lloyd Banks is a great performer and I would recommend any of his shows. I really didn’t know what to expect from him, I didn’ t know he was the type to give his all in a performance.

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