Alternate Uses for a Dishwasher

I have a working dishwasher in my rented townhouse apartment, but the water is hard, and it leaves an ugly white film on the glasses, flatware, and dishes. With only two people dirtying dishes most of the time, I’ve decided to quit using my dishwasher and put it to use in another way. This made me start thinking about alternate uses for a dishwasher, and even a dishwasher that doesn’t work can be used in other practical ways. If you don’t use your dishwasher for washing dishes, or if your dishwasher doesn’t work at all, consider these alternate uses for a dishwasher. You just might decide it’s worth keeping!

A Convenient Strainer

I almost never dry dishes. I used to let them air-dry in a strainer that sits in one side of my double sink, but since my sinks are shallow and I don’t use my dishwasher, I’ve started using it as a convenient strainer. I prop the door open and let the dishes air-dry. About once a week I run a little bleach through the dishwasher so it stays fresh and clean smelling. As a result of this alternate use for an otherwise useless appliance, one side of my sink is always empty. I don’t have to remove the sink strainer to peel vegetables and fruits, and that area of the kitchen looks much less cluttered.

Plastic Container Storage

If I wasn’t using my dishwasher as an oversized strainer I’d be using it to store the massive amount of plastic containers I’ve accumulated. I have a couple of stacks of semi-disposable plastic containers and lids, and they’re always a cluttered mess. They don’t stack nicely, and I’m constantly moving them to reach other things on my pantry shelves. This is by far one of the best alternate uses I’ve found to suit my needs.

Snack Food Storage

Are you low on storage space for snacks such as chips, pretzels, cookies, and other goodies? Instead of struggling to find a place to store bags and containers of snacks, use your empty dishwasher. Visiting guests who raid the cabinets probably won’t think to check your dishwasher, and it’s a fantastic alternate hiding spot for goodies you don’t want to share.

A Plant Stand With Storage

If your dishwasher is portable, or if it’s located next to a sunny window, turn it into an alternate plant stand with built-in storage. Use the interior to store items such as plant food, a watering can, a container of potting soil, extra pots, and everything else you need to keep your plants lush and green. Use the top as a waterproof stand for your favorite houseplants. This is one of the most ingenious alternate uses for a dishwasher, especially if you’re a plant lover with very little storage space and an available window.

A Cake Decorating Center

One of my best friends is a very talented cake decorator, and when her portable dishwasher quit working she thought of one of the most creative uses a cake decorator could think dream up. She filled it with all of her cake decorating supplies. The top is just the right height for working on frosting and decorating cakes, and since it’s portable she can easily walk around it while working on each edible masterpiece she creates. Since she does a great deal of baking, this is one of the best alternate uses for my friend’s portable dishwasher.

Even if you’re not a master cake decorator, this is one of the best alternate uses for a dishwasher that you don’t intend to use. The surface will give you an alternate countertop, and the interior will give you a great place to store baking supplies. If I did more baking I’d consider using mine as a baker’s work station too.

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