Alternative Treatments to Ease Nausea from Dizzy Spells

You are suffering from vertigo your world is in a constant state of spinning, dizzy spells, and nausea. The cause of vertigo is an imbalance in your inner ear and your brain somehow the connection is not working properly. Medical doctors write prescriptions for drugs in order to stop the spinning and ease the nausea, however, this often results in putting you into a coma like state or deep sleep. Medicine used to treat vertigo and its symptoms can do more harm than good. The medication works to lower the nervous system, which eases the nausea, but in the process the person is so drugged up they can barely do anything else. There are a number of alternative treatments that can help ease the nausea and relieve the dizzy spells.

The first alternative treatment is to take some Ginger. Ginger works very well to ease nausea of any kind. You can take ginger in the form of a capsule, tea, or even ginger candy. Follow the directions if you are taking the capsule. If you prefer to take ginger tea or candy, you can take as much as you like to ease the nausea. The next alternative treatment is ginkgo. Ginkgo helps to relieve dizzy spells by improving the blood circulation and balance between the inner ear and the brain. Take 40 to 80 mgs of ginkgo, with 24 percent glycosides as an active ingredient, three times a day until the dizzy spells and nausea clears up.

Another alternative treatment you can use to ease nausea and dizzy spells is acupressure. To apply acupressure, press firmly on the inside of your wrist in the center area just below where the wrist folds. If you suffer from vertigo, this area will be sore but apply steady pressure with your thumb for about five minutes to ease the nausea. A couple of reasons that cause dizziness and nausea can be from low blood pressure or imbalanced blood sugar levels. To help prevent dizzy spells make sure you keep enough sodium in your system.

Taking some licorice will help retain sodium, not the candy but the herb, the licorice is available in capsules, tincture, and tea. You can take this as much as you like but remember too much sodium can raise your blood pressure. Increasing your potassium intake will also help to ease dizzy spells. If you feel dizzy all the time, the problem is probably due to your blood sugar level. You may suffer from dysglycemia, a condition that causes your blood sugar levels to flow like a roller coaster and cause dizziness. The best way to balance your blood sugar or glucose is to increase your fiber intake and decrease your simple carbs intake. Following these alternative treatments can help to ease nausea and relieve dizzy spells.

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