Alternative Uses for a Basketball

We probably all see a big orange basketball laying in the yard or on the floor of the garage and pretty much all think of the same thing. Let’s grab that basketball and go shoot some hoops, right? That is what comes to mind for me. Is there anything else we could find to do with a basketball that would be useful?

Of course we could think of other games to play with the basketball such as kickball or four square, but I am talking about alternative uses for a basketball. If you are stumped, then check out these ideas.

Pool Monitor

As those hot and steamy summer days approach, we start to think about taking a relaxing dip in the pool. You are probably wondering what a basketball has to do with this fun summer pastime.

Put your basketball to good use this year when it is time to set up the pool. After you drag the pool out and set it up, reach for the water hose and your big, orange basketball. Once you have safely started filling the swimming pool, drop the basketball into the water. As the water increases inside the walls of the pool, the basketball will float. You can lower the hose to the bottom of the pool and let the swimming pool fill with no worries. Go ahead. Walk away and tend to the garden or start cooking your lunch on the barbecue. Instead of making trip after trip to check the depth of the water, you can save time and energy. Simply take a glance at the swimming pool. Periodically look at the pool from across the yard and watch for the big, orange basketball to peek up at you from above the edge of the pool. The bright, orange color stands out easily against the colors of most swimming pools, so you will quickly be alerted to the rising water. As soon as you see the basketball poking up above the edge of the swimming pool, head over and turn off the water.

Basketball Goes to the Dogs

Are you looking for a fun way to entertain your dog? A basketball makes a terrific dog toy. Toy breeds won’t find much enjoyment out of it, but small and medium dogs love to run off some energy rolling a basketball around the house. This game can keep your little pet busy for quite awhile. Larger breeds can’t enjoy some of the balls sold in pet stores because they are too small and pose a choking hazard to your pet. The large size of a basketball is perfect for the larger dog. Pet owners can rest assured that Fido is safe and the dog can play and romp with the big ball. If your pet needs exercise, give your dog a basketball and let them have a ball.

Break the Ice

Do you have farm animals that drink from a large water tank? During the cold winter months, the water in the water trough has a tendency to freeze on the surface. The animals are unable to get fresh water when the surface of the water has frozen over. Keeping your animals well hydrated is very important. Your basketball can help.

Toss your basketball into the water tank. This basketball can work for double duty. First, you can use it to monitor the water depth similar to the method described above for filling a swimming pool. Also, allowing the basketball to float freely in the water will help to prevent freezing. As the basketball floats around the water tank, the animals will simply drink from around it. The basketball keeps the water surface from freezing completely across the surface and keeps your animals safe and hydrated during the cold days of winter.

Just when you thought a basketball was only good for shooting hoops, you now know some other helpful ways to use it. Between games, put your basketball to good use with these terrific ideas.

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