Get Your Bathroom Organized with Bathroom Storage Furniture

If you are tired of clutter in your bathroom, then bathroom storage furniture might be just want you need to get organized. There are many different types of storage available for use in the bathroom, and many of them are not expensive. Even the smallest of bathrooms can find extra space with all the different types of bathroom storage available today. With just a little bit of planning (along with taking careful measurements) you can gain some more space in the bathroom by using some storage units. With the goal of increasing available storage space, here are some bathroom storage furniture tips:

Bathroom storage furniture tip #1: Look to increase cabinet space.

Increasing cabinet space is the top way you can get more storage space in your bathroom. Cabinets can be added around the sink area or in a unit that fits over the commode. You will need to take careful measurements so when you are shopping for cabinets you will be certain of the size. There are units available that you can purchase in home improvement stores or local discount stores which fit over the toilet. These units can be comprised of shelving only or have cabinets with doors that fully enclose. If you are looking to purchase a new vanity for the sink, then the measurements will be needed when ordering the cabinets. Check with your local home improvement store to see what they have available that can be purchased off the shelf without being a special order.

Bathroom storage furniture tip #2: Add shelving.

Wall shelving is another popular way of getting increased storage in the bathroom. Shelves can be added over the toilet area through handy space saving shelving units or added directly to bathroom walls. Again, taking accurate measurements is important so that you can be certain that the shelves will fit in the area that you have chosen. When taking measurements, be sure there will be adequate clearance space after the shelving has been installed.

Bathroom storage furniture tip #3: Add vanity storage.

Stackable units that go on top of the vanity can increase storage space. You can find an assortment of vanity top storage units at your local home improvement store or at a local Bed, Bath, and Beyond type of store. Even small plastic organizer bins can be helpful in organizing makeup or other bathroom necessities.

Bathroom storage furniture tip #4: Go behind the door.

Another way to increase the amount of storage space you have is to use a shoe holder that fits over the back of the door. You can store items in the individual pockets of the holder. Alternatively you can use towel hooks on the back of the door for hanging bathrobes or towels.

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