Smoking is Very Noble

Cigarette smoking is very unhealthy cardiologically and respiratively but can be very healthy digestively, spiritually, and temperately. Make sure a decision is made about which values are important. Some may intersect. Get’em all! The best way to achieve this balance is by learning how to smoke efficiently.

Smoke if it is cold and there is no other source of heat. If there are no warm bodies to press up against, blankets or jackets to bundle up with, or even a desire inside to run around and burn calories; by all means, spark up a fag. Cigarettes are a very effective way to stay warm, plain and simple; and in today’s post-Cold War era where people are flat, sharp, sleek, and seriously professionally minded, staying warm could be the difference between saving that marriage and not, keeping that job or not. Say what?

Smoke if there is a good party. Good parties warrant the lighting of a flame, consider the Olympics. Warmth will be kept, but respect will also be shown for the enthusiasm circumstances have yielded. Not everybody gets to party. Afterall, the flame is a symbol for freedom!

Smoke if a good meal has just been had. Nothing settles the mind and the body more after a good meal than some rambunctious heat to soften up those digestive organs, but make sure that it is done in a way that doesn’t prevent the body from inhailing full deep breaths. Full deep breaths, even more so than smoke, are important for digestion because they relax the nerves, which of course allows for a further settling of the mind and or body respectively. Smoke after a good meal will also alleviate any kind of pain from eating too much. The digestive organs become nullified and a current may be able to run through seemlier, swifter, and or smoother

If a state of clear nirvana has been reached, by all means smoke. Consciously injecting a spirit into the global soul and then breathing hot poisonous gas through the body is a seriously noble deed. It’s a sign of confidence, courage, and determination. Perhaps a little stupid, but whoop dee doo. Life cannot always be taken that seriously.

Currently, smoke is getting demonized as a root to evil. Cardiologically, respiratively it may be. Digestively though, spiritually though, temperately though, smoking is healthy if 4 pounds of vegetables aren’t getting consumed on a daily basis, there is discontent with the world’s most popular faiths, or if a blanket isn’t near by.

There are ways to become digestively, spiritually, and temperately satisfied that do not include smoking. If they can be found, along with happiness inside, by all means practice. But if it is not possible then smoke, smoke a lot. Smoke enough to create that happiness. Everybody’s got a different method. Who truthfully has got the right to say which way is right, or wrong? Especially, especially when capital punishment is still considered to be justified. Their goes an answer; self abuse, morally justified. Principle: retribution!

Smoking is about retribution. Punishing the body until the brink of cancer because propriety is absolutely absurd. Smoking bothers some people. Forget them! They will most likely live longer. They will most likely have healthier lungs and they will most likely have a healthier heart, but they may never be regular. They may never have an ounce of soul in their body, and they may never be warm enough people. By challenging the body, the most is being gotten out of an experience. Life isn’t always about being nice and proper. It’s about developing character from awkward moments and then using it for uncommon wisdom. Smokers have got more of it then anybody else, and that’s probably why they’re going to die before everyone else. It’s a dangerously satisfing way of life.

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