Tips on How to Balance Your Washing Machine

Does your washing machine knock and dance along the floor while running? The problem could be as simple as an unbalanced load in the machine, or that the machine is not resting evenly on the floor. The first step to fix this issue is to make sure that you wash loads of clothing and linens that are evenly distributed with in the machine. This is most likely to happen with very large or heavy loads, so when possible I try to mix my sheets, jeans, and light fabrics of similar colors to create evenly weighted loads.

If you are already doing this, or it does not change anything, and your machine still moves the problem is still easy to solve. The feet on the bottom of your washing machine are most likely not resting on the floor. If one corner of your washer is not level with the rest, then your machine is going to move. All you need to fix this is a level, your eyes, a little time, and an adjustable wrench.

1. Place your level on the front edge of the washing machine and check to see if the machine is level from left to right. If the level indicates that the machine in listing to one side, it is time look at the adjustable feet. If the washer is balanced in this direction, go on to step 4.
2. Use the adjustable wrench to loosen the locknuts on the leveling feet.
3. Use the wrench again to turn the front feet until the level indicates that the washer is level.
4. Turn the level 90 degrees so that it is parallel with the side of the washer to see if the machine in resting evenly front to back. If it is, then you are done. If not, it is time to go back to the adjustable feet.
5. Make adjustments to the leveling feet again, until the level shows that the washing is balanced.
6. I generally double or even triple check the balance in both directions, making any necessary adjustments.
7. When the washer is completely level, in all directions, use the wrench to tighten the locknuts to prevent the feet from moving.

I have found that a few uneven loads, or simply not tightening the locknuts enough when placing the machine, can allow the balancing to happen. A few years of heavy use, like they use a large family would produce, can sped along the need to level washer’s feet.Even if my machine is not dancing the mambo, I generally check the balance as part of my yearly spring cleaning. I think it is better to check the little things once and awhile than face them when they become an emergency. Besides, a washing machine that is transferring the energy intended on washing your clothes to moving the machine around is most likely not doing the best job.

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