Vinegar Can Save You Money and Save the Environment

I have always used vinegar in my home for much more than cooking and salad dressings. There are so many ways you can use it and save money on cleaning materials and at the same time help the environment.

1. My mother always used vinegar diluted in water to clean her wooden table. This was before laminated furniture came out. I have a couple of pieces that I clean this way and then use my brand of polish after it has dried.

2. It you have a glass table or furniture and get a paint mark or drip on it that has dried, just warm a little vinegar and wipe the glass to remove it.

3. This is one my mother used all the time when we were children. When we had a sore throat rather than buy cough syrup she would mix a dark brown sugar and vinegar together. This had a pleasant taste and really helped to sooth the throat. Her other one was to gargle with salt water but that made me want to throw up.

4. Yes, even in this day and age we still have nits and head lice when children are in school. Mix vinegar and water together and leave on the head for as long as your child will let you. Then wash the hair as normal. This can be repeated as many times as needed.

5. Vinegar and regular sugar mixed together often stops hiccups.

6. If you have anything made of steel and it is discolored rub vinegar on it and then clean it in the normal manor. It will make it easier to clean.

7. If you have any red or pink cotton clothing that is faded just add a small amount of vinegar to the final rinse to bring back some of the color.

8. Wash your windows with vinegar and water and then dry them with scrunched up newspaper. They come out sparkling clean and again you don’t have to purchase window cleaner.

9. If your joints hurt from too much work or exercise then add a little vinegar to a relaxing soak in the bathtub. It will help to ease the stiffness in the joints.

10. Malt vinegar is the only way British people eat their beer battered fried fish’n’chips. You can keep the tartar sauce for boiled or poached fish.

I still use malt vinegar for meals; help with my laundry, and for a sore throat. However, I do keep white vinegar in the cupboard because it is less expensive and I use it for household cleaning. I also have apple cider vinegar in the refrigerator, as I do believe this has good health benefits to it.

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