American Apitherapy: Websites that Sell Bee Venom Treatment for Arthritis Pain Relief

I count myself among the unlucky folks who are allergic to bee stings, rendering American apitherapy ineffective for me. What’s apitherapy, you ask? It’s the use of bee products – specifically bee venom – as a natural medical treatment. Considered effective in alleviating symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) and rheumatoid arthritis, bee venom is a controversial substance whose pain relief potential is still being explored. Current studies are examining everything from cavity prevention to acid reflux disease treatment, but American apitherapy tends to focus on pain relief from rheumatic disorders. When regular pain relievers are inadequate, many arthritis and MS sufferers turn to apitherapy. Harder to find in drug stores than other natural remedies, bee venom treatment is readily available online. Websites sell both bee venom products made domestically and abroad. The apitherapy treatments come in various forms – tinctures, creams, capsules, spreads, and even bee farms.

Before using bee venom, you should consult a licensed medical professional. Bee venom teatment is definitely not appropriate for everyone, as it causes severe allergic reactions in many people. Once you consult a doctor and feel confident that bee venom is worth a shot (or a sting, as it were), you can shop at these websites that sell bee venom treatment to Americans for arthritis pain relief.

This website offers apitherapy in the form of a supposedly tasty spread whose only ingredients are honey and bee venom from special New Zealand bees. The product, known as Nectar Ease, supposedly contains super-powered enzymes, unique to this type of bee, that enhance the pain relief for arthritis sufferers. Nectar Ease can be used as a bread spread or as a stir-in with cold drinks (hot drinks negate some of the bee venom’s potency). Honey Bee Therapy ships only to American and Canadian addresses, and the fee is a little hefty: $7 for an $18 bottle of the bee venom spread. One advantage of this site is that it provides easy-to-understand dosage instructions, explaining how to build up to the proper level of bee venom through your apitherapy.

Based in Oregon and using local bees, Dancing Bee Acres sells a comprehensive array of bee venom treatments. American apitherapy fans will find creams for reducing joint inflammation, a wildflower honey and bee venom spread similar to Nectar Ease, and even a bee venom therapy kit that includes everything but the live buzzers themselves (you have to order those elsewhere). This last product, and the accompanying books and tweezers are for people who actually want to keep bees at home and ingest bee venom naturally – through real bee stings. Ouch. “Bee” warned that this method will sting you wallet to the buzz of $130. If you like the idea of American bee venom, though, this is your best choice.

The operators of this website collect bee venom during the summer months in Calgary, Alberta, but the business is operated from British Columbia. Although the website is low quality in appearance and only allows orders by mail, fax, or phone, they do provide a wide variety of products and educational information about apitherapy. Bee venom is available in ointments, tinctures, powders, and other forms – with well-explained dosage recommendations and other supportive literature about arthritis and bee venom. This is a small proprietorship that believes in bee venom treatment and wants users to have as much information as possible, which is certainly laudable. They’ve been in the bee business for fourteen years, long before the buzz about apitherapy got louder in America. I found their bibliography of interest, although the references are all to bee industry journals – probably not the most unbiased scientific research.

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