When You Should Seek a Second Opinion

Every individual gets ill from time to time and often we can tell there is something wrong with our bodies before any physical symptoms start to materialize. Most people have good natural instincts and can tell when their body is trying to tell them something.

There our times when you visit your doctor and he or she will tell you that they can not find any cause of your illness or that it is a minor problem that requires little medical intervention. This may be the case, but many people are aware that sometimes doctors do get it wrong, and there have been many horror stories where patients have actually died because their doctor misdiagnosed their problem. While this may be rare, it still doesn’t stop us from worrying. Luckily everybody is entitled to a second opinion and that can help to put your mind at ease and ensure that you are getting the best medical care possible.

There are a number of times where a second opinion is needed and these include:

âÂ?¢When Your Doctor Doesn’t Provide A Clear Answer

We rely on our doctors to provide us with efficient, true, knowledgeable answers. They are in charge of our well being and we count on them to keep us healthy. We have to be able to trust in what our doctor is telling us, otherwise how can we be sure that they are providing us with accurate information?

Whenever you visit your doctor about a medical condition they should never really use phrases such as ‘possibly’, ‘maybe’ or ‘chances are’, all of those words generally convey the same thing – they are unsure of your diagnosis. If they seem at a lost, then how can they possibly know if you are in any danger or if you need any specialized treatment? So, always make sure your doctor gives you a precise and knowledgeable answer when you inquire about your condition. Otherwise, it may be wise to make an appointment with another physician.

�If You Live in a Rural Area

Although small physician practices and rural hospitals have capable medical professionals, they may not always be up to date on the latest technologies or new treatments available to you. This indicates that sometimes it could be beneficial to get a second opinion from a larger urban practice that may be more progressive with incorporating new technologies.

�If Your Doctor Suggests You Partake in a Medical Trial

If your doctor is running a medical trial and he or she wants you to partake in it, then it is always worth getting a second opinion. All medical trials are risky and are still in a testing period, so you should always be cautious before participating in any sort of study. It is often difficult for doctors to find willing participates so they may not be thinking about your best interests first when they suggest you participate.

�If You Have Been Diagnosed With a Terminal or Serious Illness

If your physician informs you that you have a serious illness, it is tempting not to believe them. In fact, the most common reason that patients seek second opinions is because they have been diagnosed with a severe medical condition. If this is the case, it can be beneficial to get an opinion from a specialist in the field of your particular illness. A specialist will provide you with detailed information about the illness and may offer alternative treatments that your other physician may not have ordered.

�When Unsure About Test Results

Although it is unlikely that test results will be incorrect, there are cases when this has occurred. If you would feel better to have the test repeated or additional testing, it is always better to get a second opinion. There are certain factors which determine whether or not the results will turn out accurate and many of these come down to how the test conditions were and the assurance that human error did not take place. Nervousness, high blood pressure and if you were supposed to be fasting, but consumed food anyway, can all change the results. Faulty equipment and a technician’s inexperience can also cause false results. If you do have any doubts about the test’s accuracy, it is often better to request the test to be repeated or get a second opinion.

Every patient is entitled to a second opinion and you should never feel distressed for seeking out additional advice on your condition. If you are wary about asking your doctor for a referral to a good specialist, you can always ask for recommendations from other patients or seek out information online. It is important to have confidence in your doctor and if you do not feel he or she is doing all to ensure your health, it is time to seek out a second opinion.

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