American Plastic Welding Technologies Has the Right Tools for the Job

American Plastic Welding Technologies is a factory authorized Leister distributor and has been providing quality customer care and professional plastic welding tools for over 20 years.

American Plastic Welding Technologies sells and services a full line of Leister automatic hot air and hot wedge welding machines, blowers, extruders, hot air welding tools, heat sources, hot air blowers, temperature controllers, and tensiometers for many different applications within businesses all over the world. Whether you need equipment to shrink wrap bottle labels or the equipment to handle floor sealing, American Plastic Welding Technologies has the tools to fit your needs. Leister Technology makes it their goal to customize Leister technology to the best profit their customers. All prototyping and manufacturing is done in their production plant in Sarnen/Switzerland. It is because of this philosophy that American Plastic Welding Technologies is a distributor for Leister.

Among the many tools and equipment that APWT offers are hot air blowers. This technology is used all over the country for various applications including shrink wrapping. The Hotwind S, one model of hot air blowers offered by APWT, is used to shrink caps on to bottles and side shrinking of wrapped decorative film. Another model of hot air blower that is offered by APWT is the Heater 700 which is commonly used to shrink PE covers on batteries.

American Plastic Welding Technologies also offers smaller hand held tools for both industrial and military uses. Some of those tools are; tubes which are general purpose tubing, thin and dualwall tubings, high temperature shrink tubes and adhesive lined heat shrinkable tubings. APWT also offers electrical interconnect devices such as solder sleeves, solder grips, crimp splices and terminals, insulated terminals and disconnects

Molded parts tapes and insulations as well as identification marker sleeves are also items that are offered by APWT. APWT is also very supportive as a company of the needs of their clients in the area of plastic welding. According to APWT, the American Welding Society (AWS) has recently formed a standards committee on plastic welding and began the process of looking at the European Plastic Welding Standards in an effort to establish US plastic welding standards. American Plastic Welding Technology is leading the way in this effort in the United States. American Plastic Welding Technologies is located in Hewitt, Texas and their website is at,

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