Analyzing the NY Yankees Monster Lineup

Last year the Yankee lineup was amazing. They set new franchise records in runs scored, batted in and home runs. However the question remains: How good can this monster lineup really be. I break down hitter by hitter and analyze if this lineup can carry them to a world series.

Starting at their top of the lineup, the Yankee lineup received a huge addition of Johnny Damon to replace to agin Bernie Williams in Center Field and to hit in the leadoff spot. Derek Jeter did a great job of hitting leadoff but he is a much better #2 hitter. Damon is one of the games best leadoff men. He has speed, he can hit for average, steal bases, score runs,and hit homers. He is everything you would want out of a leadoff man.

Next in the order is the always reliable Derek Jeter. There is no one more consistent in baseball every year as Derek Jeter. He continues to put up big nubmers in each year. He always near 20 home runs and scores more than 100 every year while driving in more than 80. Batting after Damon in the lineup with only increase his RBI totals.

Next in the lineup is, depending on Hall of Fame Manager Joe Torre’s lineup is Gary Sheffield. Sheffield is one of the games most feared hitters. On every swing he swings with all his might and rarely is he ever fooled by a pitch. His average is always above .300 and he hit 32 homers last year in a season where he was plagued by some injuries. But he played through the pain and put up monster numbers. In the field he also has a cannon for an arm and can gun down a runner at home trying to tag up and score on a fly ball.

Batting Fourth is your reigning American League Most Valuable player, Alex Rodriguez. Last year his numbers were by far the best in the league, hitting 40+ homers, 120+ RBIs, scoring more than 100 runs and stealing a few bases as well. His average was .330 and he single handedly carried the lineup on his back at times.

Batting fifth is Hideki Matsui. The man is like a machine in hits. He got off to a somewhat slow start year but picked it up in the second half of the season, posting an average of .300 every year he has been on the Yanks and hitting more than 20 homers. He is an excellent fielder in tracking down fly balls but his arm is jsut average. He always has drove in more than 100 runs and is a force to be reckoned with.

The lineup has an extreme amount of depth as once MVP Jason Giambi bats 6th. Last year in the 1st half of the season he got off to an awful start. He had issues with a tumor and there were rumors he couldn’t be effective without the use of steroids. GM Brian Cashman also spoke to him about going down to the minors for extra hitting but giambi refused. Instead he had a monster 2nd half of the season, posting 32 homers and lifting his average all the way up to around .280 He proved to get better as the season wore on. His patience at the plate is useful in drawing walks and he has regained his place as a feared hitter.

Batting 7th is Jorge Posada the catcher. While every year his numbers have in fact declined, he is still very much an All Star Catcher. He will still hit 20 homers and in that lineup is bound to hit near 100 RBIs. His throwing arm behind the plate has also declined but he calls a very good game and has good relationships with the pitching staff.

Batting 8th is hopeful future hall of famer, Bernie Williams. As he is replaced by Johnny Damon in Center field, Bernie still has the ability to play Designated Hitter and can still be a reliable hitter. Now that all he has to do is focus on hitting, he should be back into the swing of things, so to speak and post good numbers this year.

Finally, there is Robinson Cano, a second base rookie last year but put up solid numbers last year at his position. Last year, with the Yanks struggling to find a 2nd baseman, they called up Cano from the minor and he put up good numbers. His average was near .300 and he hit almost 20 homers. I envision an even better year from Cano in his 2nd season.

Will the Yankees score 1000 runs. I think they will come awfulyl close and score in the 900s but they will fall short. However, the lineup will carry the Yanks througohut the season and to a world series berth. With Johnny Damon, the Yankees have the best lineup in baseball by far.

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