Anastasia Beauty Salon: Milwaukee’s Best

Anastasia Beauty Salon
3473 North Oakland Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53211

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a big city-specifically, in this case, Milwaukee-it can be quite difficult to maintain one’s high standard of appearance and personal hygiene. Anastasia Salon, located at 3473 North Oakland Avenue, understands this perfectly. That’s exactly why they offer a wide variety of services – hair styling, manicures, pedicures, and every type of waxing-and all at a very low price with a [50% off] discount for first-time visitors.

Yet what’s best of all about this fine little shop is that one may book an appointment for almost any time that’s best to him or her. Anastasia is a new business in the very quaint and very Russian area of Shorewood, located on Milwaukee’s east side. This is also the best way to describe Anastasia and it definitely adds to its personality and authenticity.

So when I found myself in the barber’s chair, letting my stylist explain to me [in her thick Russian accent] precisely what she was going to my hair, I couldn’t help but feel a bit excited. The stylist washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner that was sought out by Anastasia’s owner and imported from France. Many funny euphemisms followed: “ear-cups” being the hair surrounding my ear that was to be cut; my curly hair was as thick as a “calf’s;” and my facial hair reminded her of “Robinson Crusoe,” which two other Russian woman in Anastasia agreed on. I walked away with the best haircut I’ve ever received.

To be honest, I would have never asked for what received-a faux-European mullet cut. The stylist knew exactly what my head needed and, surely, she would have known exactly what to do with other areas of my body that needed special care; if I ever need a facial or, maybe, even a waxing I know where to go. Also, if I actually took care of my nails, be they of hand or foot, there’s no place I’d rather sit, have a chat, and leave both happier and prettier.

Overall, the beauty salon is very small so every customer the workers service is accepted on a sincerely personal basis. I recognized this as soon as I walked in the door and was reassured after my stylist and I exchanged stories of our lives in and outside of Milwaukee; not to mention her offering to change the channel of the small TV adjacent to the barbers’ chairs and to serve me water.

For a very interesting grooming experience that is convenient, cheap, and rewarding don’t hesitate to call Anastasia. My haircut only cost 8 dollars-a price far better than any of the quintessential third rate corporate training grounds of future beauty school has-beens. After you leave Anastasia Beauty Salon you will both feel and look like a brand new person. If it isn’t one of the best salons on the east side, then it’s one of the most refreshing places to relax and receive excellent service.

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