Animal Shelters are a Safe Haven for Cast-aside Pets

Animal shelters are safe havens for the millions of dogs, cats, bunnies, and other animals that are carelessly tossed aside when people don’t want them anymore. Instead of having animal shelters people should spade or neuter their dogs and cats. However, animal shelters are somewhat better than animals being put in trash bins or left on the street to fend for themselves where these animals often die.

Most people have more than one animal and they love their animals very much. In addition, many people call their pets “family members.” Many people will any amount of money to help their animals when they are ill because they wish them to be healthy for the duration of their lives. Therefore, it seems that animals mean quite a bit to most people who own pets. Therefore, animal shelters are a great idea for people who lose their pets if the pets have their identification and their collars.

However, animal shelters can be scary places for animals because they don’t know what is going on ever. Helpless animals are put into cages waiting and hoping to catch our eyes and our hearts so that we will take them home and love them, care for them, and play with them for many years to come. This is because animals like people just want to be loved. Although, animal shelters are a good place for unwanted and abandoned animals, it also seems that animal shelters are the last resort for lost, abandoned, and unwanted animals because there is nothing anyone can do for the animals that are not wanted at the animal shelter after a while.

The reason that so many animals are brought to animal shelters is that people don’t spade or neuter their pets. Also, many people go to pet shops to buy pet shops and other places to buy animals for their kids during the holidays or for their birthday. At first, the child and the family are so excited about the new dog, cat, or bunny in the family. And, then, the newness wears off and the family gets tired of taking care of the animal because they didn’t realize how much time, energy, and money that it takes to care of animals. For example, when the live actions version of 101 Dalmatians came to the movie screens, many people rushed out to buy Dalmatians for their kids. However, the excitement of the dogs wore off and many dogs were brought to animal shelters. Some of the Dalmatians were sold but most of them were put to sleep because no one wanted to take them home and really take care of the animals.

However, animal shelters are smart with their pet adoptions. Today, many animal shelters have a very strict adoption application and process in order to adopt any animal. This process will help to cut down on the returns of the animal to the animal shelters and so it cuts down on having to put animals to sleep. Also, many animal shelters have helped animal that were lost and displaced because of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

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