Antique Furniture – How to Care for Your Valuable Heirlooms

If you have ever watched The Antique Road Show or a similar antique appraisal show, you know just how valuable heirlooms can be. Antique furniture is one of big ticket valuable heirlooms that gets passed down through the generations for sentimental reasons and for value increase. Unfortunately antique furniture is also the heirloom that loses value the most over the years because succeeding owners did not know how to care for the piece of antique furniture.

Antique furniture requires much more special attention than modern home furniture. If you don’t know how to care for valuable heirlooms, the fasteners, polishes, adhesives and finishes on antique furniture can be damaged by improper care and diminish the value heirlooms drastically.

Here are some easy guidelines on how to care for antique furniture, or any other valuable heirlooms that you might be fortunate enough to have. These ‘How To’ tips have helped me preserve an antique Singer sewing machine and wood cabinet that has been around for three generations and with continued proper care, will be around for many generations to come.

How to care for your antique furniture tip #1- Never put your antique furniture in a place that receives direct sunlight. Keep all valuable heirlooms away from windows and frequently opened doors that would expose the heirloom to sunlight.

Care tip #2- Never place antique furniture near air conditioning or heating vents. Never place valuable heirlooms near a fireplace or stove, not only for the fire hazard reasons, the fluctuation in temperatures will damage the finish on antique furniture and other heirlooms.

Care tip #3- Dust the antique furniture regularly with a lint free cloth and wipe up spills immediately. Don’t use commercial dusting spray, polishing spray, or any other type of cleaner except an occasional moisturizing rub down with linseed oil.

Care tip #4- If you have a piece of antique furniture or valuable heirloom that has already been damaged and are considering restoration, let a professional restorer do the work. Restoring valuable heirlooms is not a do it yourself project, it will compromise the integrity and value of the antique piece. If the antique furniture or valuable heirloom has significant historical value, it is wise to seek out a licensed appraiser and conservator for any repairs and restorations.

By following these ‘how to care for your valuable heirlooms’ tips, you can preserve and enjoy your antique furniture while making it more valuable for the next generation. Pass along the ‘how to’ instructions with valuable heirlooms.

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