Four Great Ways to Label Storage Totes

Storage totes are great for keeping everything from toys to holiday decor. Containers of the same size and style can be stacked, and they make organizing the home easier than ever. Canvas varieties are ideal for open storage. No matter which type you choose, if the containers are not labeled, locating something specific can be a time-consuming mess. Instead of trying to remember what they hold, organize them by subject or room, and be sure to label each one. An expensive labeling tool is not required. Use one or more of these four simple organizational tips and tricks. You will be able to find exactly what you need without digging and demolishing your hard work.

Attach Spring-Style Clothespins with Removable Cardstock Tags

Canvas storage totes are just as versatile as the plastic lidded varieties when it comes to labeling, and they do not have to be permanently marked. Attach a spring-style clothespin to every container using strong clear-drying adhesive. Make stylish and colorful card stock tags that can be used to properly label the contents. They can be designed using a computer and printer, or they can be marked by hand. Either way, the tags can be quickly and easily removed and replaced as needed.

Buy Erasable Stickers to Label Plastic Totes

Many people do not realize that erasable stickers are available online as well as in office supply stores. They work with dry erase markers, and they are ideal when the contents of plastic storage totes are regularly updated or changed. Simply wipe away the markings with a dry felt eraser or a clean soft cloth. They stickers will last indefinitely. On the downside, if the lettering is rubbed, it will come right off onto hands and/or clothing.

Use Stencils to Label Canvas Totes with Acrylic Craft Paint

If style matters just as much as practicality when using canvas storage totes that will never hold anything else consider using stencils and acrylic craft paint to label each one. Buy washable tear-proof plastic stencils, and use them to pencil on words. After you are satisfied with the layout and design, fill in the lettering with acrylic craft paint. They can be fancy or plain, and they will work exceptionally well to label your canvas totes.

Attach Metal-Edged Tags with Velcro Brand Fasteners

Metal-edged tags with sturdy cardboard centers can be used to effectively label storage totes of all types. Buy peel-and-stick Velcro brand squares and metal edged tags of your choice. Use a fine-tip marker to label the tags. Apply peel-and-stick Velcro brand circles of squares of the appropriate size, both to the storage totes and the tags. They can be easily removed and replaced as necessary, and they will work well to help you organize your belongings.

Source: Professional Home Decorating and Advanced Crafting Experience

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