Arange Your Room in Feng Shui Style

Feng Shui is the study of the relationship between human life and the environment around.

According to the book Dorm Room Feng Shui, bagua is an essential part of feng shui. Literally meaning “eight section,” the bagua is a way to divide any space into eight separate pieces that are held together by the ninth piece – the centerpiece. You can identify each bagua within the grid.

To do this, sketch out a layout of your room, with the door at the bottom of the page. It should look similar to the image below. Draw a box around your room and make a grid with nine even squares. Don’t worry if your room is not a perfect square. Try to divide your room, whatever shape, into nine equal sections in a similar pattern.

Follow the tips below to best arrange your room:

1. Career
This bagua is located at the entrance to your room, allowing career opportunities to enter into your life. In this area of the room, you should focus on elements of water. Use grey tones in this area. A door mat in a muted gray is an excellent option. Keep this area open to allow chi to enter your environment.

2. Relationships
By feng shui philosophy, the back right corner of your room protects the heart. In this area of the room, you should concentrate on using elements of fire. You should position one bed here, head towards the corner walls. Reds, pinks and whites are all great colors to use, and incorporating candles and lamps, as well as plush bed linens or blankets will help increase the chi for your relationships. Do not put live plants in this area, as they will draw chi from you while you sleep.

3. Family
This bagua is located in the middle of the room on the left side. Elements constructed of wood, such as a bed, should be located in this bagua. Blues and greens should be used on bed linens if a bed is present in this bagua. Room for growth should be present here. A potted tree or other growth would be a great addition to this area of the room. But make sure that the plant is plastic or silk, as a real plant would draw chi from you during your sleep.

4. Prosperity
Prosperity is located in the left-hand corner of the room. By being out of the flow of chi and protected by the shelter of a corner, your wealth is symbolically protected from any damage. In this area of the room, wood elements are important. A bed or desk should be placed here, along with the use of blues, reds or purples. These colors can be used in bed linens or wall hangings. Again, make sure that there are no live plants in this area. They will drain your chi while you are asleep.

5. Center
This bagua is located in the center of your room and balances all other baguas around it. This is the most essential bagua. This area should consist of earth tones. No object should be placed here. A rug in an earth tone will help to balance the rest of the room.

6. Helpful People & Travel
Helpful people and travel is located in the front right-hand corner of your room, conveniently located near the entrance of the room but not blocking the flow of chi. This area should consist of fire elements. Whites, grays and blacks should be used in this area. Elements of metal should be incorporated. A standing lamp or metal desk accessories would be a welcome addition to this bagua. Wind chimes also are a great addition, as they harness negative chi. However, make sure that there is open space against the front wall. A desk may be part of this bagua, but should not be cornered between the right and front walls. This space allots for visitors who enter the room, as most doors hinge of the left-hand side and swing to the left, leaving the right-hand side of the entry open and welcome to guests.

7. Creativity
This bagua is located in the middle of the room on the right side. Because creativity exists in this area of the room, this is a perfect area for a desk. Metal should be incorporated into this area, through a metal desk or chair, or a metal lamp. Whites and pastels should be used in this area.

8. Knowledge
Elements of wood should be present in the knowledge bagua. It is located in the front left-hand corner of your room. A desk is an excellent option here. Black, blues and greens are the best colors for this area. A plant or fish bowl will bring in these elements.

9. Fame
This bagua, located in the back center of the room, should incorporate elements of fire. A lamp or candles would be an excellent component of this area. Reds should be included in this area of the room. A red lamp or candle would cover both requirements and would allow chi to flow freely through the room.

Now that you have figured out where objects should be placed in the room, follow the tips below to improve the flow of chi in your room:

For a better night’s sleep after a hard day of studying:

Change your bed position. Your bed should be placed as far away from the door as possible and, when sitting on your bed, you should be given the widest scope of the room as possible. You should be able to see your door from the bed, but it should not be in your direct path. A bed that is too high or too low can also throw off the energy of the room, so keep that in mind when lofting beds.

Make sure that your computer is not located near the head of your bed. The energy required for the computer will draw from you while you sleep. Also, make sure to turn your computer off every night while you sleep to avoid draining chi from your surroundings.

Chi tends to flow from your door to your windows, so avoid positioning your bed underneath or against a window. Also avoid sleeping with your head near a window, as the window will absorb your chi and leave you without a good night’s sleep.

If you have bookshelves facing your bed, cover them before you go to sleep. The straight lines that the shelves create are called “secret arrows” and will fire chi around the room, disrupting your sleep.

If you have a mirror facing your bed, cover it before sleeping. The “other person” in your room prevents a good night’s sleep.

_To improve your chi:

Keep the entrance to your door clear to allow the free flow of energy. To boost the energy of your room, change the color of your door. Red coveys power, protection and luck. Green symbolizes life and health. Paint your door, or get fabric or paper to cover it.

Color is extremely important in improving the chi of your room. Blue signifies calm, life and hope, and should be used in areas where you sleep or relax. Yellow indicates harmony, energy and youth. Use this in areas where you study.

And your mother’s favorite feng shui tip:

Clean your room. Yes, you just left home and no longer have to deal with demands like these from your parents anymore. But clutter leads to bad chi because it presents obstacles to the free flow of natural energy in the room. This means making your bed every morning, picking up clothes off the floor, and stacking papers and books on shelves or in drawers. This is perhaps the most important component of the feng shui philosophy.

All of these tips will help bring harmony to your dorm room. However, you do not have to incorporate everything at once. If you don’t like red, don’t use it! Also, balance is key. Make sure not to go overboard with color, or any of the five elements. Use those that work best in your dorm room, and remember that even small changes can improve the energy flow in your room.


Dorm Room Feng Shui: Find Your Gua > Free Your Chi ;- , by Katherine Olaksen, Elizabeth MacCrellish and Margaret M. Donahue, Storey Publishing, LLC

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