How to Stage Your Windowless Bathroom in 3 Steps when Selling Your Home

Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes, so staging the bathroom is one of the best ways to get your house sold an off the market. We all get used to our bathrooms and tend to overlook what are glaring problems to potential buyers.

So, here is a look at 3 quick and budget friendly ways to stage yoru bathroom when your house on the market.

Stage Your Bathroom Idea #1: Clearing Surfaces

Clearing off counters, the back of the toilet, the floor, and shelves is a very important part of staging your bathroom. This is especially true in a small bathroom. You want people to be able to see and envision their own belongings in the pace, not be caught up in all your air gel bottles.

Tip: Try packing your necessary bathroom essentials away in a Tupperware box. Place it under the counter. You can simply push everything into it daily, this way nothing is on your bathroom counter, but you can get to it quickly and easily.

You can also try stylish baskets with lids so no one can see your stuff inside. A cute lidded basket on the back of the toilet seat looks much more charming then a row of half used hairspray bottles.

Also, now that you can see all the surfaces, make sure they are clean!

Stage Your Bathroom Idea #2: White Accessories

If you are in need of a fresh look in an outdated or dingy bathroom, try adding seem fresh white towels that are brand new. Save yourself a little trouble and never use these! You can story your towel in the closet on a hook or somewhere out of site.

If you have too much white going on in your bathroom, then do the opposite. Add warm rich towels in an earth tone to save having to paint the walls.

These can be stacked on the back of the toilet, used in rags on the floor, or draped on the counter with hand towels.

Stage Your Bathroom Idea #3: Light Bulbs 101

Finally, I know this one seems basic, but the truth is even if all your light bulbs are in working order, I bet you do not realize how dirty they are. Take the eight bulbs down an clean them.

If they are covered by light fixture then clean these out! You will simply be amazed at how light and bright and clean this makes your bathroom look! Light equals money in this case!

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