Are Your Walls Due for a Cleaning? The No Rinse, Homemade Cleaner for One of the Worst Jobs in the House

Its come to this, the last stalling tactic on the earth, the internet. We have come here to look for an easy solution for a job that everyone dreads, cleaning the walls. Well have no fear, I promise you this will make that nasty job so much easier. All it takes are a few simple items and your walls will look better in no time!

First you need to understand, this method you MUST clean the walls from the bottom up! A wet wall will allow the solution to run down without streaking. However if you want to make it harder on yourself, go ahead and start at the top, but heed my warning… This will cause dirt streaks on your dry wall that you will have to scrub on for what will seem like an eternity, all the while you will be smacking yourself on the head mumbling ‘I just should have listened…’

Okay, I promised you a no rinse, homemade cleaner, so here is the recipe.
1 Cup Borax (can be found in most stores by the laundry deteregent, also known as the 20 mule team)
1/2 Cup distilled vinegar
1/4 Cup amonia
2 gallons hot water

I will give you a few more tips to make it even easier yet! Honestly, I hate cleaning, as we all do, so every time saving technique I have come across has been put to excellent use!

Invest in a squegee with a sponge side! These can be found at almost every dollar store now days. No more sitting on the floor scrubbing, or needing a chair to reach the top of the walls. (unless you have cathedral ceilings that is) You are only going to use the sponge side of it to scrub the walls, remember, I said it was a no rinse, easier way!

If you don’t like to change the water all the time, have a second bucket to rinse your cleaning utensil in after each scrubbing. This will keep your cleaning solution clean. I can easily do a couple rooms before the water gets cold, which is the only reason I end up having to make a new batch of it.

Terry cloth wrist wraps can also be found at the dollar store. This will keep the water from running down your arm while you are cleaning the walls. There is nothing that can annoy someone more than the water dribbling down as you are scrubbing.. where will it end? You know it will run right under your shirt, so save yourself the hassle and get a couple. If you have kids though, beware, I have lost many of these to them. They seem to think its some new fashion trend!

If you floor isn’t carpet, you don’t need to put anything down to ‘protect’ it. Take advantage of having everything away from the wall and clean the floor too! Just leave a spare rag in the solution, and as you finish each wall section, take a minute and go over the floor. You don’t need to worry about the solution running onto the floor, it just makes cleaning the floor that much easier.

When you are ready to change your cleaning solution, put it to good use. You can easily pour it down the drain to eliminate odors, but my favorite is to pour it in the toilet. Let it stay in the toilet for about 1/2 hour, and the scrubbing will be practically done for you! Of course you still have to get under the rim, but you can kiss most of the dirt bye-bye!

Now that you know how easy it can be, its time to get started. Ok, I will let you finish your coffee, but after that..

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