Automatic Car Wash, or Do it Yourself? Which is Better for Your Car?

It’s a scene as old as the family car itself; the man of the house taking his hose and shammy out to family car. He washes it carefully, until the driveway has become a torrent of sud filled water. Then, he dries it by hand, perhaps taking hours at the task to make sure the shine is just right. He sepnds even more time buffing, waxing, and shining the car, even cleaning the tires.

Does this sound familiar?

In this busy, fast paced world though, who has time for that? What about an automatic car wash?

Automatic car washes are an everyday sight, and yet, some people accuse them of stripping paint and scratching their cars. If time is your enemy though, then automatic is the way to go. Within five minutes, your car will be in, washed, rinsed, and dryed, and on it’s way out.

Some car washes now even offer a waxing option, that leaves your car shiny and new looking.

In some car washes, high tech laser technology and sensors make it so that a rough, bristle brush never touches your car. Many convinience stores have them, and even more busy people use them.

If you don’t like either option for your wheels, there is a happy medium, which is, of course, a self service car wash. This gives you conrtol of the washing, but also prevents that swamped look in your driveway, as well as offering vacuuming services. Most self service car washes are reasonably priced, and relatively fast.

So; in review.
1. If you love your car, wash it by hand.
2. If you’re strapped for time, and not too worried about having the shiniest car in the parking lot, go automatic.
3. If you have a bit of time and don’t like surrendering control of your vehical, try using a self service car wash.

If you’re going to be doing the work yourself, why not check out these sterling products.

Arm and Hammer dash Board wipes. Easy to use, leaves no residue, and disposable.

Car Fresh Air fresheners. They come in every imaginable scent, and in the same wacky tree shape!

Windex Glass Cleaner. It’s as great for your car windows as it is inside your home, and as always, dries streak free.

And last, but not least, remember to keep car safety in mind at all times. Please, make sure your seatbelts are in proper working order, that you have a fully loaded emergency kit where you can easily get at it, and always carry a cell phone.

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