Baby Oil Versus KY Warming Lubricant

Baby oil and KY Warming Lubricant have been duking it out for a few years now; when KY was first heavily advertised. While KY, with its flashy, catchy commercials and slogans have couples all around the world spending oodles of money for one little measly bottle of personal lubricant; the underdog Baby Oil has returned and in full force nonetheless, at dollar stores around the world with its two for one dollar deal that is affordable for those of us who are too poor to buy lubricant that works in exactly the same way that KY does! You want to know why you should choose baby oil over KY lubricant? Well, here are simply the reasons why.

The pros of baby oil? Its cost and its consistency. Baby oil, while not as thick as KY Warming Lubricant, is just as intense, and in my opinion, lets partners feel more of each other. And guess what? That’s right – only small amounts of baby oil are needed for functionality. You could keep a whole bottle for a year, if you don’t use it frequently, and even if you do, you’re guaranteed at least 3 months time with how little baby oil you actually NEED to use… (Especially if you’re only supplementing your natural born lubricant!) Also, baby oil “warms” just as well as warming lubricant does; in fact a few quick motions after applying baby oil, and your partner will be happy the whole rest of the night! (And you will too!)

Baby oil is also easy to wash off and works almost anywhere and everywhere. (Try taking it in the shower for even more fun as a body wash.) You can also use it as a moisture locking lotion, for those people who might get razor burn after shaving and using after shave or even your regular lotion. KY? I wouldn’t recommend using that goop for anything really, other than what it was made for. Baby oil’s simple and quick application, use, and easy wash off make it a prime candidate for ‘supreme liquid of earth’.

While KY does warm; its consistency is thicker and feels very good. It does the job it says it will do and at a cost. If you prefer the guarantee that name brands offer, then go ahead and pay an appendage (hopefully not the one you’ll be using…) for the price. I don’t see how spending 8 dollars for a small tube of lubricant is supposed to “enhance” the intimacy you should already have with your partner.

But who wants to spend more money for the same product? I understand that with brand names also comes the clout of superiority; but when it all boils down to it… would you rather pay the buck for that double cheeseburger at McDonald’s, or get some oil-based lubricant that doesn’t take away from the sensuality of the love-making experience?

According to an anonymous gentleman from
Guilford, VT
, who says: “My personal favorite part of baby oil is how easy it is to apply, whether with a partner, or by yourself. Just a small squeeze onto your finger, and you’re ready for a night of fun. It’s great – even for both parties involved.”

Clearly, baby oil is the winner in this round of product comparisons. With all that’s said and done; for brand name guarantee and satisfaction, go with the pricey KYâÂ?¦ but if you’re looking for a cheap, easy way to get the same feeling and intensity, go with the 2 for $1 baby oil at your local dollar store or K-Mart.

(Note: Some women might be ultra sensitive for baby oil. If this happens, go to your local planned parenthood and ask for some water-based lubricant. It’ll be free, and is just like using baby oil.)

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