Bad Choices: Jimmy & Kyle

Jimmy and Kyle are in Jimmys car at night listening to music.

Kyle: What are we doing here?
Jimmy: I’ve been thinking…
Kyle:..okay. About?
Jimmy: I need some money.

[Jimmy turns and looks at Kyle suspiciously]

: i’ve got problems of my own Jimmy i can’t lend you anything.
Jimmy: relax. I was thinking about that.

[Jimmy points across the street to a bank]

: oh, you was planning on taking out a loan?
Jimmy: planning on taking out a loan? what?!

[Kyle stares at Jimmy for a while]

: forget it Jimmy. Robbing a bank is for dummies. and guess where those dummies are now?
Jimmy: man-
Kyle: Jail.
Kyle: anyway, you’re being stupid man. shut up or drive.
Jimmy: i’m dead serious Kyle!
Kyle: then you’re good as dead Jimmy! what? you think you can walk in there, ask for money, then walk out? bank robberies are more complicated than that.
Jimmy: would you quit treating me like i’m a child!!?! No i wasnt going to just walk in and out like that! The plan was me and you was gonna show them how soldiers fight- with these.

[Jimmy pulls a bag from underneath the seat. Guns and bombs are inside it.]

: where did you get this?!!
Jimmy: doesn’t matter!
Kyle: does matter!
Kyle: Jimmy…what the fuck are you thinking?!! I’m not gonna rob a bank with you. carrying handguns and home-made bombs. What do you think this is?!
Jimmy: I think its pay day.
Kyle: for who!?! certainly not you! You really think with handguns we could go in ‘hands in the air everybody. please and thank you. Put the money in the bag’ and walk out. Just because we have guns?!
Jimmy: Yes! exactly! Because we have guns!
Kyle:…..who else carries guns Jimmy?
Kyle: the Cops carry guns Jimmy.
Jimmy: this doesnt involve the cops kyle!
Kyle: yes it does Jimmy! Banks have cameras and buttons they push for these same type instances.
Kyle: it would be a done deal if we were to try and rob that bank. Its not happening. I have a daughter, you’ve got a sick mother, the least we can do for them is stick around.
Jimmy: We’re doing this for them. All our financial problems, done with. Taken care of.
Jimmy: I thought we were friends!? Don’t you love your daughter? Isn’t Lise the most important thing to you?!
Jimmy: We take this, not only you and I, but her and maybe her kids could be set.
Kyle: …Don’t ever bring my daughters name up when you’re talking this fucking stupid. Lise is the most important thing to me. She is me. I am her. and lets say we take this robbery, but for whatever reason, something goes wrong. You get shot. I get shot. Whatever. I go to jail. You go to jail. That’ll be one lonely little girl. And a sick mother. As a father, i took a vow to forever be around, and to forever be there for her. I can’t do that behind bars. And you can’t console your mother underground.
Kyle: Get your head together Jimmy. This robbery isn’t happening. Take those guns back to where ever you got them, go home, kiss your mother, tell her you love her. Do whatever.
Kyle: I’m getting out of this car. If you have as much sense as I think you have you would pull off.
Kyle: I’ll talk to you later.

[Kyle gets out of the car.]
[Jimmy sits there. looks at the bank. then the bag.]


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