Lyrical Fantasy

Hilltop castle
of marble and gold
Mysterious occupants
hide intimate secrets
Ravenous prey precede
wicked intentions
Prominent societies
fervently congregate
Invitation only
princess to the throne
Intricate gowns
invite sultry temptations
Dusk descends
from below the horizon
Debonair gentlemen
the lure of seduction
Disguised smiles
of distinct appeal
Theme of the night
let your imagination run wild
Dance of seduction
hips sway to the beat
Fantasies unleash
a cloak of persuasion
Manservant display
feast for the souls
Innocent flower
of symbolic perfection
Glistened flesh
an untamed tigress
Deceptive approach
with insatiable arousal
Fancied delight
brings sinful indulgence
Tribal Mantra
arouse delicate senses
Entwined as one
followers of decadence
Exclusively numbered
seven sins released
Arches of pleasure
pink room of passion
Forbidden fruit
of voracious obsessions
Dreams of rapture
where temperatures rise
Oath of silence
dare to confess.
Copyright �© 2003 G. Marlena Joslyn

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