My Pumpkin: My Universe

Lord only knows what it’s like To Be

on the ground; Lord only knows what

it’s like to be lying there on a beautiful

morning on the green and brown grass

half dirt

half whatever else there is growing on

the earth

and knowing that you and your basketball

are a part of that world; the vehicles

continue to rush like the frat boys and the

sorority girls


in the motion of the everygoshdarnday

and you just feel happy for a chance To Be

away from it all and part of it all while you’re

tying to get away from it for just one



The pumpkin rises off the dirt and into the

hands full of many lines and may scars of


and revelations?

most of the time, one doesn’t know why

he’s on the earth in the first place, why

he’s going awayâÂ?¦away from what was

given to him


his life and

to the rest of the world but never seen;

the orange skin of the pumpkin

is dropped

released, from the hand with all the lines

to the dirt again;

It explodes

gravel everywhere dirt misplaced�just like

it should be�like a man displaced�Little


after little explosion on the dirt and the

gravel the pumpkin’s little pimples meet

with the very punctuated and pimpled

ground and


producing a sound unknown

to even Michael Jordan, a hollow sound

of completion

of conception

This the soul of the game�your bare foot

steps on rock but you don’t feel a thing

’cause thoughts have flown to the sky

and to further places like how Charlie’s doing

back at home, getting that root canal your


gave him while hooping on the concrete; there

was a goal there�

this is an open field

in the middle of a University town, and the hand with

the lines releases the pumpkin up, not down

into the goal that no man can see but God

eclipsing the sun for a bare half-second and

back to one soiled, lined


the goal where thoughts have flown


It’s better on the dirt never knowing where

the pumpkin is going to end up: Mars Jupiter,


a ball through a ring

the universe is in the open field and the rest

of society spins around the lone pumpkin that

knows how to bring the


that everyone is looking for but just forgets

all of which makes me realize

I love this Universe

I love this University

�and this pumpkin loves me.

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