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There are few things in the world that can inspire people – the real life “muse’s” of our society. Though this form of inspiration can come in many different forms, one of the main motivations in our world is that of art. It is through this medium that this world has been shaped. Entire societies have been documented solely on the fact of their amazing artwork. Generations are remembered and set on a pedestal for their development of watercolors, paintings, charcoal drawing as well as numerous other forms of art. But surly in order to inspire others, it is only a gift. True artists are born, not madeâÂ?¦right? Wrong! A true artist contains interest in the field that he or she is wanting to pursue, and the only way these amazing individuals obtain the skill necessary to change the world is through that of training. And in St. Louis, Missouri there is one place that offers that training – the training of muses. And it is at this place that there are visions that are made into reality via the paintbrush, charcoal pencil and any other device used to map out the wondrous dictations of our minds.

At Khris Art located in St. Louis, Missouri, one will definitely receive the hands on training that is required to excel in the art industry. You will be taught by some of the top artists and instructors in the Saint Louis Metropolitan area, if not throughout the entire mid-west. While you are entertaining yourself through the amazingly beautiful portraits you will be taught how to make, you will also be strengthening your mental skills.

But what exactly are the classes that Khris Art makes available for potential students? That is a great question with an even greater answer – basically any class you can imagine that pertains to the gift of art! Khris Art offers Watercolor Painting for beginners as well as those who are on a more Intermediate level. They offer two classes per week (either on Monday or on Wednesday) and each of these classes go for the amazingly low rate of $90.00 per student. This fee is for a total of six classes the student will be involved in. The class is for the artist that is new to using watercolors to make a beautiful picture or also for those who have used watercolors before, but are wanting to revamp their skills. This class is taught by world-renoun watercolorist Suzanne Galli Koenen – according to their website this class will “enlighten you to the endless possibilities of water color!”

So you want to draw, but you have no experience in professional training? No problem, Khris Art offers a class for beginner artists as well intermediate artists. These classes stretch the technique and visual awareness that a true artist must posses in order to create a masterpiece. One will absolutely grow leaps and bounds in his or her drawing skills in the unique and relaxing atmosphere Khris Art is known for. This class works mainly with pencils, pastels, pen and ink, as well as colored pencils. The subjects covered vary quite a bit, but mostly cover still life, portraits, landscapes and florals. Probably one of the best aspects of this class is the size – small. The instructors allow this so that they may offer extremely personalized attention to each individual artist.

One of the more unique classes Khris Art offers its potential and current students is the training into the wonderfully and meticulous world of Calligraphy Writing. This four week class teaches its students the correct way to write and excel in the style of Calligraphy. Its instructors accent the correct way for letter formation, spacing and practical uses – so you’re not just writing Calligraphy in every paper from this day forth. The most unique aspect of this class is that it is offered through St. Louis Community College at Meramac, so any students that are interested in registering for this course must do so through the College – but the classes are held at the Khris Art studios.

So it is obvious, that if you are wanting to change the world with your drawing, you must first become excellent at it – and at Khris Art they offer to opportunity to be the best, and then some.


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