Beautiful Orange Bulb Flowers

Flowers that grow from bulbs are unlike any other flowers available. Bulb flowers have blooms that look perfect in every way. They almost appear to be fake with their bright bold colors and waxy petals. Bulb flowers are truly some of the most glorious flowers on the face of the earth, and orange bulb flowers are no exception. Some of the prettiest bulb flowers are primarily orange, and there a number of unique and illustrious orange bulb flowers to consider growing in your bulb garden. The following orange bulb flowers are attractive, unique, and grow well in most hardiness zones.

Jenny Tulip

Anyone who loves the color orange and wants to incorporate orange bulb flowers into their garden must get these beautiful orange and pink tulips. These tulips are primarily orange, but their petals appear to have been painted by nature with rosy pink paint. This is truly a spectacular unique orange bulb flower and would make a lovely addition to any orange flower bulb garden.

Jenny tulips reach a maximum height of approximately eighteen inches, and they boom midway through spring. Choose Jenny tulips for a zone three through eight orange flower bulb garden. The radiant orange and pink blooms will add beauty and cheer to your orange flower bulb garden.

Orange Emperor Tulip

If you want an orange bulb flower that literally glows, the orange emperor tulip is the bulb flower for you. This orange tulip is bright, radiant, and breathtaking. The top of this amazingly bright orange flower is pure orange, and it fades to a pretty shade of yellow in the interior base of the bloom.

If you live in hardiness zone three through eight, orange emperor tulips will thrive in your garden. This fabulous orange bulb flower reaches a height of sixteen inches, and the bright orange flowers open in early spring to reveal an amazing ten-inch wide bloom. Choose this stunning orange bulb flower if you want a tulip that will turn heads and glow as bright as the sun.

Treffer Asiatic Lily

Asiatic lilies are amazingly beautiful, and orange Asiatic lilies are no exception – especially Treffer lilies. These orange lilies are as orange as the color orange can possibly get. They will add brilliance and color to your garden unlike any other flower of its size.

Treffer Asiatic lilies reach a height of about forty-two inches, and they are compact. Treffer Asiatic lilies make wonderful orange borders for a garden, or they look beautiful when planted alone. Choose Treffer Asiatic lilies for your zone three through eight garden. These beautiful orange bulb flowers also do well in containers on decks, balconies, and patios.

Orange Crown Imperial

This one-of-a-kind orange bulb flower looks like a flower from a far off tropical paradise. The bell-shaped flowers of this orange flower are turned upside down and bloom beneath the attractive green foliage. Six to eight three-inch blooms can crown the top of this amazing orange bulb flower. A bonus to this orange bulb flower is the amazing way it naturally drives away pesky rodents and moles.

Plant orange crown imperial bulb flowers in zones three through eight. This orange bulb flower will reach a maximum height of approximately three feet, and it adds a touch of class to any orange bulb flower garden.

Czardas Daffodil

If you love daffodils and you want an orange bulb flower garden, Czardas daffodils are a must have. Their petals are pure white, but the centers look like a puff of deep orange. The cup of this orange and white daffodil has layers of ruffles and is quite elegant. Czardas daffodils make a lovely addition to an orange bulb flower garden.

Czardas daffodils are best suited for gardens in zones three through eight. These lovely orange bulb flowers will make their appearance in the middle of spring, and are one of the longest lasting orange daffodils available.

Copper Queen Daffodil

This brightly colored orange daffodil is appropriately named because of its majestic orange blooms. The cup of these orange bulb flowers is deep orange, and the petals are as bright as the spring sunshine. Copper queen daffodils are easy to care for, and they have unusually strong stems and sturdy orange blooms.

Consider planting copper queen daffodils in a zone three through eight flower garden. They will reach a maximum height of about eighteen inches, and will provide brilliant orange color for weeks. Copper queen daffodils are definitely a great choice for any orange bulb flower garden.

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