Make Money with Your Garden Business

Everyone is in need of some extra money or additional income at one time or another. But did you know that you can actually turn your ordinary garden into a money maker? Well this article is going to tell you how you can accomplish that task. I first came up with these ideas because I loved having a garden, and having fresh vegetables whenever I needed them. Well not everyone has the time or energy to create and grow their own garden. That is where you come with your garden. One idea of what you can do is provide vegetable gift baskets and sell them to people in your area. The best people to market these items to are those that are homebound. It is also good for those looking for different types of gift baskets.

You are probably thinking that in order to accomplish that you will need a place to house your business and a whole bunch of other items that will cost you loads of money. Well you don’t. Remember it is only a part time business that you are starting. All you need is a garden, some baskets of various sizes, and a few flyers. The best way to sell anything nowadays is online. So you will definitely want to take the time and set up a website that advertises your small seasonal business. When selling online it may be best to have the items delivered within a ceartain time period so that they stay fresh. If this is the case then in order to keep costs down you should keep your deliveries to your local area.

Or if you do not have access to a computer you may want to think about creating some flyers and posting them on supermarket message boards around town. Of course this type of business will be seasonal, and you will want to make sure that you put that in any of your advertisements. Your baskets should contain a nice variety of vegetables and should be for a very reasonable price. Make sure that when you buy your baskets you buy them in bulk to save money.

Since most home grown gardens are not very large, you can obviously not expect to make truck loads of money with this business. But it is definitely a way to earn a few extra dollars during the year, and you can still do what you love. Another suggestion is to sell your vegetables to some of the local vegetable stands. They are always looking for cheaper items to add to their group of produce. If they can get one crate of fresh grown tomatoes from you for a very reasonable price, they will definitely take it. Try asking around in your area to see if any of these businesses would be open to the idea. If they are make sure that you find out exactly what type of vegetables they would be interested in, then you can focus on growing these. Remember that you still want to enjoy your garden so don’t put too much into the selling part. Most well grown vegetables will sell themselves.

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