Beautiful Oriental Lilies

If you want lilies in your yard or flower garden that will turn heads and make a bold statement, consider planting oriental lilies. Oriental lilies are exceptionally beautiful, and they are very different from all other types of lilies. Oriental lilies are exceptionally fragrant, and the fragrance of these lovely flowers is as delightful as their beautiful blooms. The colors and patterns on the petals of oriental lilies are vivid and unique. Oriental lilies are a wonderful addition to any yard or garden.

Oriental lilies bloom in late summer, so consider alternating oriental lilies with Asiatic lilies which are early bloomers. You’ll have beautiful blooming lilies all summer long, and you’ll have a wonderful contrast in variety. Oriental lilies are definitely one-of-a-kind flowers, and you’ll be proud to display them in your yard. Consider the following beautiful oriental lilies for your garden or yard. These oriental lilies are favorites of those who love and appreciate the unique beauty of oriental lilies.

Tom Pouce Oriental Lilies

This oriental lily has lovely lavender-pink petals with lemony yellow and white stripes lining the centers. The anther of this oriental lily is a deep shade of maroon and is a dramatic contrast to the petals of this beautiful flower. Tom Pouce oriental lilies are a rare variety that makes a lovely eye-catching border.

Consider Tom Pouce oriental lilies in hardiness zones three through eight. These exceptional lilies reach a maximum height of about three feet. One flower stem can produce up to eight beautiful blooms. This oriental lily is a great choice if you want an oriental lily unlike any other.

Stargazer Oriental Lilies

Stargazer oriental lilies are extraordinary. This oriental lily is exotic in every sense of the word. The edges of this amazing oriental lily are white, and the colors in the center of the petals are emblazoned in dark pinkish-red. Darker spots embellish the petals, and the anthers are a beautiful shade of burnt orange. The very center of this oriental lily has green points lined with flames of golden yellow.

Stargazer oriental lilies are best suited for hardiness zones three through eight, and they reach a maximum height of about three feet. The flowers of stargazer oriental lilies are enormous. They can reach a width of seven inches. Consider this fragrant lily if you want an outstanding oriental lily gracing your yard or garden.

Dizzy Oriental Lilies

Dizzy oriental lilies will literally make you dizzy when you gaze at their unbelievable beauty. Dizzy oriental lilies have petals with a white background, and they have a deep pink stripe painted down the center of each one. These gorgeous oriental lilies look like they were airbrushed by a talented artist and finished with deep pink speckles. They were in fact designed by nature, and the beauty of these oriental lilies is breathtaking.

Consider dizzy oriental lilies in zones three through eight. They top out at a height of about three feet, and the beautiful blooms are gigantic. The blooms of this oriental lily span to a width of about eight inches.

Olivia Oriental Lilies

This pure white oriental lily is amazing. The crisp white petals look like they’re made of fine silk, and they are a perfect background for the deep orange anthers and bright green filaments. This oriental lily is a wonderful choice if you want a flower that’s truly lily-white.

This highly fragrant flower is best suited for hardiness zones three through eight, and it reaches a maximum height of about three feet. The bloom sizes ranges between four and five inches.

Black Beauty Oriental Lilies

The petals of this showy oriental lily are deep mahogany in color, so deep in fact they almost appear black in some areas. The petals are trimmed in white, and the center looks like a blazing green star with fiery yellow edges. The anthers of this oriental lily are huge, and they are also a deep shade of mahogany. This oriental lily is amazingly fragrant, and it’s a must-have if you want unique oriental lilies in your yard or garden.

When black beauty oriental lilies are full-grown, they can produce up to fifty beautiful flowers on one single plant. The black beauty oriental lily reaches a maximum height of an amazing four feet, and it grows well in hardiness zones three through eight.

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