How to Plant Green Bean Seeds

After tomatoes, green beans are the most popular home grown vegetable. They can be easily planted and you can take care of them with ease. Green beans are mainly grown in spring season because of the warm weather conditions. They require full sun and warm soil. The soil temperature should be around 65 to 70 degrees in order to get great results. Extreme cold can destroy these plants. You can directly sow seeds in order to plant them.

Things Required:

– Compost
– Green bean seed
– Mulch
– Fertilizer


  • 1

    Apply compost

    First of all you need to apply fertiliser on the garden bed where you will sow the seeds. The garden should be drained well and exposed properly to the sunlight. You need to place three-inched layer of the compost and cultivate it into top 5-6 inches of soil. Remember that ploughing compost for 5-6 inches over the soil will provide more nutrients and better drainage.

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    Next you need to sow the green bean seeds into the garden bed. You need to place seeds around one to two inches deep in the soil. Sow pole green beans in rows which should be 25-30 inches apart and the beans should be placed five to six inches apart. In case you are ploughing bush green beans then you need to place each beans two to three inches apart. The rows should be around 18 to 20 inches apart.

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    Water the beans

    You need to water the beans 48-56 hours after planting them. The beans crack in wet conditions so you do not want to make your soil soggy by adding more water. The idle condition is to moisten the soil to few inches depth.

  • 4

    Water the seedlings

    After a week of planting the seed, seedlings will emerge. You need to regularly water these seedlings.

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    After the bean plants are around six inches tall, you need to apply mulch around them. This will improve health of the soil, stop weed growth and most importantly preserve the moisture.

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    In the end you need to fertilize the green beans after they begin flowering. Follow the instructions to apply fertilizers. Remember to work them in between plants in order to guard the roots.


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