Garden Walkways Made Easy

Make your own stepping stones for your garden walkway and you’ll not only be proud but you’ll have an extra touch of beauty in your garden. Stepping stones are very easy to make but first you must purchase quick-setting cement or concrete from your nearby home and garden or home repair store.

Save plastic deli tray lids to make many stones or make them one by one using things from around your home. Plastic deli tray lids which are deep and round are perfect for garden walkway stones. Spray them with non-stick cooking spray to help the stone come out of the mold easier. Make the concrete mix according to package directions. It’s best to plan on making several stones at one time.

Place marbles or tile pieces in the bottom of the lid. Pour concrete in the lid and overfill slightly so that as it settles it won’t leave an indentation in the bottom of the stone. After it has set tear the mold away and you have your stepping stone. Other things you can use to decorate the stones are shells, colored pebbles, b-b’s, plastic pellets or black gravel.

The decorations for the stones are endless if you visit a craft store. Jewel-tone faux glass pieces, silk fern leaves or flowers, buttons, even novelty amphibians like spiders and snakes – if you like that sort of thing – are among the many choices.

If you want to leave hand prints or footprints on the stone simply pour and set the stone then add a thin layer of wet cement. Make the print and after drying, paint or leave plain. Use a stick or toothpick to write names and dates using the same technique.

Use stencils to paint each rock like a turtle or give the stones an animal print. Or, use rub-on appliques to apply flowers, ladybugs, fallen leaves or other designs. Use a sealant over the appliques.

The garden walkway will look beautiful if you paint the stones, decorate them, or leave them plain. If you choose to paint them be sure to use a good sealant afterwards to prevent weather damage. When laying the garden walkway dig enough dirt out of the ground to settle the stone flush with the ground. Pat the dirt in around the stone well.

In place of deli trays you can use old pizza pans which are round, square or rectangular, shallow plastic bowls, cookie sheets, shallow wooden drawers, styrofoam shapes or cardboard boxes. Some molds, like cardboard, will absorb non-stick spray so use foil to line them instead. Look around your house, garage and basement for other ideas that you can use for molds. You’ll be surprised at how many you find.

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